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Our district is using Sketchup for Schools. We have two students who are blocked at sign-in with the following error. All other students can login just fine.

I have cleared the cache, and even signed in on a new chromebook, creating a new local profile. Still getting the same error. Do you have any suggestions?

I’m having the same issue here. Our school accounts are GAF accounts and I’m getting the same error.

Hi @Brad_Phillips @rackerman. Can you please fill out the following survey so we can help troubleshoot this issue further?

Caroline, thanks for your reply in trying to help troubleshoot this issue. I have submitted the Google form questionnaire.

Caroline, Sorry to report…
We are still experiencing the sign-in error mentioned above when two of our students try to login to Sketchup. This is happening on chromebooks, and it occurs even when their account is used on different chromebooks. Currently they must use the teacher account to get into Sketchup for Schools.

Thanks for the update. Are you still getting the same error message as the one shown above or a different error?
Screenshots would be really helpful. Thanks!

cc: @jbacus @joy


Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes I am still getting the exact same error message as the one I first

This happens with two accounts in our district domain ( and
It occurs even when they login on different chromebooks. All other domain
accounts seem to work.

Thanks for checking into this for us.

Randy Ackerman


We’ve placed your school’s domain on a whitelist as an attempt to resolve the issue. Unfortunately there is not much more we can do on our end, as the issue seems to be isolated to just two students’ accounts. Let us know if it works for them now.

I would also suggest, since all other accounts on your domain are able to access S4S, checking for a setting in the G Suite Admin panel that may be blocking these two students from accessing third-party apps.



Thanks for your reply. I have checked the student accounts, and they seem to have the same Google Admin settings as the other students in our domain. Nothing stands out as different for them.

Would it be possible to delete just the two accounts affected from Sketchup for Schools? Do you have a database where those accounts could be deleted, and then the two students could try to enroll again into your service? Thanks for your help!



We do not store any account data or personally identifiable information (PII) on Trimble/SketchUp servers, as stated in Section 3 of our terms. We use Google authentication as a way to ensure access for all G Suite for Education users, but all data remains on Google’s end. So unfortunately, no, we cannot delete or add any student accounts.


Hi, we’re running into the same issue at our institution. I’ve filled out the form above, just wondering if there’s been any resolution for this problem? Thanks!


There has not be a resolution to this issue yet. I have consulted with
Google support, and they do not feel the problem lies with their
authentication system.

I have the SketchUp for Schools app approved for all students in our
domain. The only way I have found to deal with this situation is to create
dummy Google accounts for the two students that SketchUp app does not work
for. It’s not a great solution.

By the way, our students use chromebooks to access the app. The
authentication problem is occurring on the same two accounts, even when the
accounts are created on different chromebooks.


Thanks for the reply. It almost sounds like one of two things. It’s either disabled for them as you’d disable services/apps via rules for their container OU (but I don’t think you can do that on an individual user basis), or that the student accounts are on some kind of black list somewhere (which I don’t think Google has for users).

We’ve tried disabling the app domain-wide and applying it to just faculty and student OUs (thereby reapplying the access to those accounts), but it doesn’t appear to have had any effect.

do the user names work for other apps or is there an issue with illegal characters?


John, thanks for the question.

The user names do work with other apps. In fact, I created two new accounts in the same OU, adding the number “1” to the students normal Google account name. They are able to access SketchUp for Schools just fine.

Each student in our district has their own chromebook, and must login with their Google account. Obviously using a second Google account just for SketchUp does not work well during school day. It does let them get into SketchUp, but they do not have access to their normal Google Drive, email, etc. Hoping this is just a temporary work-around.

I am an Admin for my school and am trying to access SketchUp before making it open to the “public,” and the Sign In Error showed at the start of this forum is quickly becoming my nemesis. As best I can tell, everything is set up correctly on my end (pop-ups allowed for the site, app is allowed on the domain…), but hard as I try, I am unable to login. I even created myself another email account within the teachers group, hoping that my Admin account was the problem, and nothing seems to work. I submitted the survey mentioned above, and was wondering if anyone had any luck circumventing this issue. Thanks in advance.\

I am also experiencing the same issue.

I have reviewed the provided documentation on deploying the app via the Google Admin console. The app shows up to the users who have it deployed to them but when logging in they receive the same error the original poster received. Our domains are and incase that helps.

After some further investigation it appears that this is happening due to “third party cookies” getting blocked. In our domain we globally disallow third-party cookies. For some reason the cookies that are created from the Google authentication are considered “third party” and therefor getting blocked. This results in the Sketchup website believing that you failed to sign in and presents the “Sign In Error”.

In the original photo of the error you can see that the browser is blocking cookies by the small icon that appears on the right side of the address bar.

I have found that adding “” to the “Allow Cookies for URL Patterns” in the GAFE admin console seems to resolve this issue. The white list seems to supersede the “third party” flag and allows these cookies to be passed correctly to the Sketchup website.

If your domain has the “Allow user to decide whether to allow third-party cookies” option set I would check the cookie preferences for the users who are getting this error. I would assume adding the entry to the white list would also fix this issue but I have not tested it.

I’m still not sure why these cookies are getting flagged as “third party” but hopefully the Sketchup team can resolve this issue so we don’t have to add a white list entry to use their app.

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Same issue.

Please whitelist our domain.

We discovered that classroom had not been enabled for all users - check if problem users see both sketchup and classroom.