An error pops up while trying to sign in with google

i keep getting an error p[opup when trying to sign in to sketchup for schools. all of my students in the class are able to access sketchup for schools but i can not myself.

Can you please share the message?

The first Error: Sorry it looks like we are having some internal issues Our team has been notified.
The Second Error: Sign In Error it looks like your having trouble signing in. Make sure you’v enabled pop-up windows for sketchup (witch i have done ) then compleate sign in using the window that appears.

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I get the same thing. My students start up just fine, but I cannot. Odd thing is, I used this extensively last school year. Now all of a sudden I can’t log in. I’ve checked to make sure my pop up blockers were set correctly – still doesn’t work.

Error:
In order to access ensure that: 1. You are using a Gsuite for Education Account (which we are) 2. Your Gsuite administrator has installed Sketchup for schools on your domain and granted permissions (we have installed it for the domain and it is in the Allowed App list)

Our district staff and students are experiencing the above sign-in error.
We have the Google Marketplace installed for the domain and allowed for specific Google workspace OU’s but all students/staff in the OU’s with access are getting a login error trying to use their school district Google domain account.
If the school district domain requires it be whitelisted to access Sketchup for Schools app that domain name is:

we are also having this issue at our school

Hi @kirving, thanks for the post and sorry you are having issues getting signed in. We just posted an updated version of SketchUp for Schools this morning. Can you let me know if you are still seeing the error?