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Sketchup for Schools Sign-in Error when students sign in Google Admin is setup Correctly. Please advise

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Same problem here. Following.

Same problem here-- started a couple of weeks ago for us after working fine all year.

Students click the sign-in with Google button picture, and go through a loop of being prompted to sign in with their Google account.

Here’s what we’ve tried/found so far:

Does not appear to affect 100% of students; some are signing in fine. I can sign in fine.
Pop-ups for the sketchup site are allowed (forced through the Google Admin Console).
We’ve tried:

  • Updating the affected students’ Chromebooks
  • Powerwashing the Chromebooks
  • Clearing cache/cookies for all time
  • Resetting the Chrome profile completely
  • Had them try to sign in on a PC.

So far nothing has worked.

I don’t have the solution, just wanted to say that sketchup doesn’t belong to google for a while now, if my memory doesn’t fail sketchup 8 was the last release under google ownership.

Please go through this thread

Thank you for that info - As i am getting no help from Sketchup. When you say the webfilter - we are using Relay Lightspeed for our webfilter and i am not seeing anything blocked on the test student account i am using. Would it have something to do with the physical domain