Google EDU Sign-In Error for K-12 with .org Domain

Our school has been using SketchUp for years, but I was alerted by one of our faculty members that they are no longer able to log in using their Google Workspace for Education credentials. It also didn’t work for me when I tried to log in and we’re just getting a sign-in error that reads as follows:

It looks like you’re having trouble signing in. Make sure you’ve enabled pop-up windows for SketchUp, then complete sign in using the pop-up window that appears.

Please note: SketchUp for Schools is once again available for educational use only. Don’t worry, any projects that you may have created through your personal Gmail or Microsoft account can still be downloaded from your Google Drive or One Drive. To continue sketching, please log in with an EDU domain account.

We are, of course, an EDU domain account but our domain ends with .org instead of .edu. Is there something that we are missing? Or has there been a change in the way EDU domains are authenticated?

Hi @D_Smith , thanks for the post. As far as I know there have not been any recent changes to the way we handle authentication. However, I am happy to add your domain to our database just to make sure that you are not running into any issues.

Just let me know what your domain is and share a link to your website so I can grab some details to fill everything in and I’ll get it done as soon as possible. Just make sure to @ me in your reply so I don’t miss it.

Thanks @CaseyG.

I appreciate you getting back to me here and for looking into it. Our email domain is and you can access our main website here. Thanks in advance for any updates as you make your changes.


Hi @CaseyG,

Just wanted to check in to see if there are any updates here. Our faculty need to be able to access SketchUp again ASAP for curriculum planning this week. Thanks in advance for escalating this and for any updates you can provide.


Hi @D_Smith Thanks again for the post. You are in the database as of now and should be all set. If you are still seeing an error then it is likely that something is wrong on your end. The usual troubleshooting steps start off with simple things like clearing cookies, clearing the cache and making sure you are allowing popups from the site. If you have already tried all of that, redeploying the app might be helpful just to rule out any problems on that front. If nothing I have listed worked let me know and I can ask the rest of the team for ideas and we can keep looking for solutions.

Thanks @CaseyG,

It seems that I can log in just fine in Microsoft Edge for Windows and Firefox for Mac, but not Google Chrome on either operating system. It’s definitely a pop-up issue, because in Edge and Firefox, I’m prompted to allow access to my Google account, but in Chrome, I’m not… I have pop-ups allowed in Chrome but cannot get the window to come up to authorize access.

I can ask the faculty member with this problem to use another browser, but since we are a Google Workspace school, the browser of choice is Chrome. Can we continue to work on this and try to understand why we’re not getting the pop-up window to come up on Chrome even when pop-ups are being allowed on the site? Is there anything I’m missing in this regard?

Thanks again,

Have you tried clearing the cookies and cache? It could be that a permission got stuck somewhere in there. If you have already tried that, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to get a solution figured out.

Hi @CaseyG - I am new (actually returning from years ago) to SketchUp and I’m also having trouble launching as an educator.

Our school domain is - you can find us here:

Our tech team added SketchUp to the google suite and I seem to make my way through all the pop ups for authentication and then I still get the Sign-In Error that others are identifying.

Thank you!
Kirsten Boehner

Hi @CaseyG,

I actually tried using an incognito window in Chrome, so cookies and cache should not be a problem. It’s like I can almost see another window try to pop up to allow access, but it’s just a blip and then I get the sign-in error. It looks like @kirsten.boehner at Pace Academy is also running into the issue even after allowing access, but I’m not sure if that is also in Chrome.

Thanks for any additional help you can provide.


Hey Dennis - did you get any response re: the sign in? I’m also using Chrome. I keep thinking I’ve made it past the sign in error only for it to continue popping up…


Hi Kirsten,

Thanks for checking in with me. I have not received a response regarding the login issues in Chrome. The faculty member that needs it is just using it in Firefox when he needs to, but it would be great to be able to log in correctly with Chrome for convenience.

@CaseyG – do you have any other updates or additional suggestions for us? We’re surely not the only two schools experiencing these login issues, are we? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.