Sketchup Stopped Working please help now!

My class has been using Sketchup for Schools with their Google accounts for over two weeks… All of a sudden it stopped working today. I could access the website earlier around 10:00, but now it is not working for my account (the Google Admin for the school) nor any of my students accounts. Please help!!!


I have the same issue in my school today.


I’m also having the same issue! I hope they can fix this soon. :confused:

Same for us. Been using SketchUp for School for several years. Used it with two classes earlier today April 27, 2021, up to about 12:15pm Pacific time. Then starting with my classes after lunch, it stopped working, giving the “Are you in the right place?” error to all students (including the ones that used it this morning) when trying to log in with Google G Suite.
School domains are (staff) and (students)

We are having the same issue in NSW Australia.

Me too!!!

It seems to be the same situation for our domain here in Norway too.

Hopefully a representative for Sketchup can help solve the problem?
Our Google Workspace for Education domain is:

Same problem in Croatia…we use our Microsoft accounts

We get the same message for my school district. Howard County MD.

Sign In With Google Works Now

The login issues should now be fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience! If you are continuing to experience issues, please reply to this thread SketchUp for Schools Temporary Login Issues (FIX 28.04.2021)