Can't Login with School account

I keep getting back to the login page. My school domain doesn’t seem to be working. Yesterday was fine. Today no students have access.
Domain is

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same here. Just today. worked all other days

I have the same problem with this pop-up. Yesterday was just fine.

Same issue here. Was find yesterday, but at some point last night, it’s asking me to sign in. When I do, or my students do, it just won’t log in. It’s asking to me to be sure I’m using a G Suite for Education account.

Same issue. Caught in login loop on variety of computers and operating systems.

Worked well yesterday.

I just submitted a support ticket on Unfortunately, the hours are 8am MST. Im EST.
Just waiting now.

Same problem Here no more possible today from accounts and

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Same issue - EDU account

Same login issue here for the students. If we needed added to a whitelist the domain is:

Same login issue for Howard County Public Schools, Maryland.

We have the same issue,

Same here for Andover, Boston. Is there a problem today?

Same here! Fine all year…today it’s not. We’re in the middle of a big project, too. :frowning:

Switzerland too

I think that there might be some technology problems today, hope we can use it tomorrow :grin:!

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Students are working on their FINAL PROJECTS!

Hi, getting same here. SketchUpforSchools

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Having the same problem. Is this an issue purely resolved through domain whitelisting or is there something else in play? Uncertain if I am supposed to provide that or if this is a broader scenario that will be resolved across the board. Thank you.

You can still use the free web version without some of the 3D solid editing tools.
In order to get data off your google drive you need to download onto computer then upload into the free web app that does not connect to google drive. You will be able to save the work in the sketchup cloud ‘Trimble Connect’ temporarily. The files can be downloaded when finished.

This is a work around you can use until the issue is resolved kind of a pain but it is workable. Hope it helps a couple teacher out there that are depending on this app.

Hi, everyone. We’re looking into the issue with the whitelist and will report back when we’re able to diagnose what’s going on. Thanks for your patience!

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