SketchUp for School - ‘Are you in the right place?’

Hello, we continue to get the error:

  1. You are using a G Suite for Education account, and
  2. Your account administrator has enabled SketchUp for Schools on your domain.

Can you please white-list our domain?

@aosterka I’ve added the domain to our whitelist so you should be set. If you continue to have login trouble please let me know.

Just to confirm, we need to add everything after the @ sign in your students and teacher/admin email addresses.

Looks like it’s working! Thank you!

I keep getting this error, so here is my school domain: (Arlington ISD, Texas)

@Herna356738 Please refer to the following post: SketchUp for Schools Login Changes for G Suite Users - #72 by tnguyen

Please may our domain also be whitelisted?

Many thanks!

Nella nostra scuola usiamo la piattaforma Google Workspace e ho aggiunto l’applicazione SketchUp for Schools al dominio ma non rieusciamo ad accedere nonostante abbia dato tutte le autorizzazioni, rimandi sempre al log in… il dominio è

Please white list our school as well. We are Alleghany County Schools in Sparta, NC. We have a domain for students: and one for teachers:
Thank you

Hi, could I please also get our school added to the whitelist? Here’s the domain:

Hello can we be added to the whitelist as well? We are in the middle of a School of the Future project and really could use the use of Sketch Up for Schools. Thank you!

Steve left SketchUp a while ago. @CaseyG should be able to help.

Thanks for the the posts everyone! I have been adding you all to the database but must have forgotten to post about it. Sorry about that. @ColinDean, @danny.jones, @aldox, @MsRamos, you are all added into the database and should be all set to deploy the app. Just make sure you follow all the steps correctly when you deploy the app as incorrect deployment can cause issues when students try and sign in.

I am still having login trouble and my domain has been added to your whitelist. The domain is PLEASE HELP!

Hi again @chardwick, if you are still getting the error there are two possible issues that are the most likely cause.

The most likely cause I tend to see is that a step got skipped during the deployment process. Just re-deploying the app is usually all you need to do.

If that doesn’t fix it, the next most likely issue is that there is a bad cooke or a bad file caught in the cache. All you need to do is to clear the cache and cookies and you are all set to go.

If none of that works, can you let me know? I can talk to @Tori_SU and see if she has any ideas.