Any SketchUp plan for iPad Pro edition?

last 2 day ago Apple introduces iPad Pro and show new 3D app on website so now Do you have any plan to iPad Pro or not?


[We have SketchUp Mobile Viewer.][1]

We continually look to improve SketchUp products and solutions, including SketchUp tablet and mobile based products.

We take product development seriously and believe in the power of SketchUp.



FYI (no native SKP workflow yet. Would have to use OBJ.) said:

What PC / Mac applications are UMake files compatible with?

Files exported from UMake are compatible with the following Applications:
OBJ: Blender (Free) ZBrush, Rhino, Rhino for Mac, Adobe Photoshop and more.
IGES: Rhino, Rhino for Mac.
PNG: Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, The Gimp (Free) Pixelmator, Autodesk Sketcbhook Pro, CorelDraw to name a few.

What file formats can UMake output to?

UMake currently exports to IGES, OBJ files for use in 3D Applications such as Rhino or Adobe Photoshop. For exporting 2D Images, UMake exports in transparent PNG’s for use in applications like Adobe Photoshop, or Autodesk Sketchbook pro.

The most i Like in desktop version is GIMP, in instead of pixlr you can check which is best Free Photoshop Online Editor and run very smooth on ipad. with less hand fault

Hi Sketchup - I currently use Google Sketchup on my Mac. But I was wondering if you and when you would plan to make this software available on iPad Pro - Not the Viewer - which I find fantastic for sharing a file - but something more robust like the full version.




It’s good to make your desires known here, as that’s how Trimble gets a sense of user priorities. But please be aware that Trimble does not make any announcements about future plans or products before releasing them to the general public.

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Thanks for the response, @slbaumgartner :slight_smile:

Hi @clarkelsmith. Our dear friend, Steve, is right. We don’t announce any future development plans.

Although hasn’t been optimized for phone or tablet devices, there are folks who are still experimenting with using the online SketchUp drawing tool on those mobile devices.



So the new ipadpro is here

For pro users of sketch up it would be great if we finally Get acces to of version (not only) viewer for the iPad Pro.

Pro users pay money for the software. Would be great addition. Don’t mind if it would cost more but would make the software so much more flexible. Esp visiting customers.


in the meanwhile you might want check Ultrabooks running a GTX 10#0 with the new nVidia Max-Q design:

Totally agree! I’d definitely pay more for an iPad Pro skp editor : )

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Seeing how the new iPad Pro 10.5 is more powerful than many computers it would a natural evolution for SketchUp to be used on this device. Using a SketchUp app on the new iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil would be like mankind putting butter on bread for the first time. I am really looking forward to seeing a SketchUp app available one day soon.

But it is still an iPad, that is, a mobile tablet device designed to run cloud applications. Your best bet might be the online version of SketchUp :
I understand that it does not yet support tablet devices well, but it might be in the works, as the thing is still in public beta.

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iPad can send and receive documents from other devices or from your computer. It would be quite reasonable to want to send your current scene from your computer to your iPad, do some things while on the road or that would be easier to do with a touch interface, and then send the scene back to your computer. All without requiring the cloud or a cloud based app.

FYI, there is dedicated topic thread in the SketchUp > Feature Requests category:

Not sure what you’re trying to imply. The new 10.5 iPad Pro with the 8-core A10X processor benchmarks in faster than many computers. Its 16-core GPU is more than capable to run SketchUp. In other words, the iPad Pro is not the bottleneck. Perhaps you’re thinking of some other table :wink: Also, just so you’re aware, it is notdesigned to run cloud applications”. For example; Affinity Photo is now available for the iPad Pro;

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to use this program then you know how robust the new 10.5 iPad Pro is, and it will be even better this fall when iOS 11 comes out.

Thank you Dan for the link.

I would also pay for SketchUp or LayOut for my ipad pro. Would love to have it.

Yes I sure would!!!

@Naples, answer in that opinion thread not this one.

Thanks Dan it was good to read more perspectives.

I will try the Sketchup Mobile Reader on the Ipad Pro before buying the Ipad Pro.

I like using the Apple Pencil to quickly and naturally markup try new ideas etc -

I miss actual drawing there is a disconnect by just using keyboard and mouse!!