Import project into iPad, then export?



Hi, Just getting into SketchUp again after being gone for a few years.

Is there a way I can start a project on my iMac, then export it into a iPad Pro so I can use the Pencil to continue working on it? Then ideally be able to save it so I can work on it either on the desktop or tablet. I know there are a few Apps out there like UMake, Shapr3D, but I’m unsure what file formats would work best for this, or if it’s even possible. Ideally a native SketchUp app for the iPad would be perfect, but I need something now to continue working on this stuff.

Any help would be great!



There is no native version of SketchUp for iPad. The closest you can come is probably my.sketchup, though that is in public beta testing and may be incomplete or contain errors.


Thank you for taking the time. I’m aware there is no SU app (yet?) but I guess I was wondering if anyone has used one of the other apps out there and integrated it into SU on a project.

Thanks again!


If your iPad has a browser, try out


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