Opinion poll for a full SketchUp on iPad



If you want that Trimble develop a full SKP on iPad just answer : YES I WANT


Any SketchUp plan for iPad Pro edition?

Have you put your name for testing my.sketchup?


No, i will do
But an iPad version do not need an internet connexion


I haven’t got an IPad, but I have heard that it is pretty useless without an Internet connection.



local apps can be used offline of course… but doubt that a full blown 3D modeler is required, you can use a similar mobile Ultrabook or Convertible with existing SketchUp today.


Yes I Want. I always have my iPad with me and hate being tied to a desktop to work in sketchup. Please develop a full blown version for IOS!


Hi folks.





Hi all,

Yes I Want.


In answer to the question…YES I WANT



there are already 3 platforms one of them dedicated to use on every device with a (capable) browser, pls don’t split development resources on an additional platform near to nobody requires.


Try thé browser plateform … it’s far away comparons to os version
And browser Verdon could’not Word on iPad because thé need on spécific UI



which denotes the inability to use with a full blown 3D modeling application (CPU/GPU/RAM).


Yes I want : )


NO, I do not need this.


No. Better to focus on improving existing. I do have an iPad and use it often with sketchup viewer, but I don’t need to model on it.


Isn’t my.sketchup (https://www.sketchup.com/products/my-sketchup) probably the solution to this, if not now, probably later on as it develops?
I would vote no. Better concentrate on developing the existing range of products.



Everyone in the computer industry knows that the computer industry is changing in amazing ways. You can now buy a fully functional computer the size slightly larger than a flash drive. People no longer want large bulky computers anymore as the industry moves to more mobile devices. In ten years computers as we now know them won’t even exist. There is no doubt that SketchUp will be available for more powerful mobile devices in the future, it’s just a question of if SketchUp will be available like this sooner than later.


Nope. I don’t need this at all.


I think you should add:

would expect it as a ‘second’ install option on my current Pro licence…



I do not want or need this. I don’t know the graphics capabilities of iPad tablets, but I doubt it will be up to the task. As already mentioned, this will add an unnecessary resources burden on the developers end.