User Interface, Erase Tool and Select Tool Improvements

As a primary user of just an Apple Pencil, I would love to see a couple UI and UX improvements to make the experience more streamlined for my use case (I understand a lot of people just connect a mouse and keyboard to their ipad)

In my opinion a faster way to interact with tools and their sub items like inferencing and options would be to introduce a gesture system. See example where I used the web interface UI as background:

upon releasing on the subitem, the tool would switch and you could use it in the sketchup environment.

Adding to this, I’d like to comment on the use of the eraser tool. Anyone else find scrubbing lines to erase them really slow? It takes time and is actually pretty difficult to be precise with. I’d love to see just the original tap, hold and drag over elements to erase them instead. Example in the SketchUp 2021 edition I have on my desktop (don’t know if this is different in other desktop versions)

Also, while the implementation of a lasso in select is great, I would love the “inverse” function to just be default.
It has add and remove built in and i’ve found it much quicker to use. Isn’t having add and remove in the menu unnecessary given inverse does both? But idk, maybe people use add and remove a ton :man_shrugging:

Otherwise the app is actually really powerful and i think the devs have done a great job so far. Thanks guys and I truly believe this can be the future of sketchup :grin:

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Thanks @arjames16 for all of this great feedback!!!

re: the toolbar UX patterns – I get what you’re saying… & we’ll give it some thought. Question for you: Given that most all of the tool modes and inference lock options are toggles (tap to turn 'em on, tap to turn 'em off) would it be frustrating to have to long-press and swipe each time you wanted to interact with a button in the Tool Mode toolbar?

re: the Eraser tool, completely agree! We’ve got something in the pipeline for that and it’s :fire:
re: setting invert to the default mode, I think I’ve heard that one before… ehem @JQL :grinning: – Makes sense, and it’s on the list. If not by default, then perhaps as an optional app preference.

Again, thanks for the feedback – please, keep it coming!!!