User testing with mobile tablets

Greetings from SketchUp.

The User Experience team is working to improve our mobile experience. We would love to get your feedback. We are looking for users that have a recent model iPad, Apple Pencil, mouse, and ideally an Apple Magic Keyboard. If you have one or more of these devices we would love to talk to you. We are also currently focusing on these specific regions: North America, Western Europe.

To get you into our testing group, we will need a few more details from you. Please fill out the following form to enter our user testing platform.

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We look forward to connecting with you!

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The SketchUp User Experience Team


Should Android users (e.g. Samsung Tab S7+) hold their breath or no chance? :slight_smile:

(perfectly understand that iPad’s are quite common amongst professional users and possibly are easier for developers to focus on. Just don’t want to get into Apple ecosystem. And don’t think I’m alone in this)



I imagine I will be taking sketchup to my carage/workshop on a Windows10 tablet (Intel SoC), possibly with a kb+mouse.
(Android is another option on that HW)

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Currently looking at a Chromebook tablet myself

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I have an Android tablet/e-book reader with a greyscale e-paper display. I would almost be surprised if I could run the web app with that…

Maybe I should buy an iPad

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Or maybe you should wait for the rumored iPad 2021. It was rumored for launch in march, now april… it should be here august of 2022

Having the same dilema :slight_smile: . From other side, I’m not in Apple ecosystem, and don’t really want to get there. So buying Android tablet (which is now pretty much only Samsung Tab S7/S7+, although they are really good) or Windows one sounds more acceptable.

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It’s not too bad to get a single iPad without buying totally into their ecosystem. You should be able to use most of what you do from Android anyway.

Plus, a really powerful iPad can be yours for far less than an Android equivalent.

After having had an iPhone for over a year I’m not going back to android. This Phone can take calls or be used as an alarm without crashing! None of the 3 androids I tried managed that reliably.


I have an iPad Pro 10.5 and color me unimpressed. I think the stylus on my Galaxy Note 10.1 was far better. As I’ve said here before my daughter’s new Asus chrome book handles SU web far better than the iPad even when I use a bt mouse. I’m looking at trying the Lenovo Duet chrome book tablet and seeing how it does. I think a non arm Surface would be the better but more expensive choice. Well… about the same as an iPad Pro as mine was $1k with pencil and keyboard cover.

I’m a windows user but iPad seems a much better option than Android and Windows touch+stylus. I own a samsung and stylus and it works great, especially for note taking and converting handwritten text. However, drawing apps for android and windows are much worst than for ipad.

In the end, software is what matters.

Any android tablet or ipad can be used along windows as if it was a Wacom tablet too. So for me the bigger tablet the better and the iPad is bigger than the others.

Using an ipad as a tablet and drawing tablet thus allows us to use windows apps with it and also ios apps which are very streamlined for touch and pen.

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Could you elaborate on this?

Being using Samsung tablets since 2012… indispensable… never leaves my side…also paperless office since then too


3rd party apps essentially turn the iPad into a bona fide drawing tablet input device. I’ve heard only great things from designers who used Wacom devices their entire careers. The iPad apparently performs very well like this.

I understood that. I was wondering what app it was that worked with android.

For Android I use SuperDisplay. Works very nicely with Samsung, very cheap, tilt, sensitivity and palm rejection.

It makes your tablet work as an extra screen that you can expand or mirror to the tablet and you can even mirror your 4k monitor on the lower resolution monitor of the tablet.

You can connect via USB for almost no latency or via Wifi which I honestly don’t like.

It just works, though sometimes, rarely, it disconnects for some reason in my setup.


Excellent, thanks, sorry to drag the thread off topic.

No problem. For working on a desktop setup, which is my main use case, I do feel samsung sizes are small. Ipad is better. The best would be a Windows touch screen with 15inch but then I wouldn’t have IOS apps like Morpholio Trace or even Concepts which is way better for ipad than windows or Android.

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