SketchUp for iPad

So, if SketchUp for iPad is a publicly announced thing, can/should there be a category for it here on the forum?


Most definitely, then I can mute it.
I’ve got nothing against it, just that I have never had an ipad and don’t see one in my future, so no point seeing all the posts about it.


I am very happy with SketchUp making an app for the iPad and for sure would like a forum category!

Just got done with the tutorial and I am nothing but smiles :smiley:

This will make SketchUp super portable now!

Now I can make 3D models while sitting at the beach!


How’d you get the app download? I signed up but haven’t received a TestFlight code. I’ve been waiting for an iPad app for SketchUp, so this should be awesome. Let me know how you like it.


I joined the beta using this website: 3D Modeling on iPad | SketchUp for iPad | CAD iPad

I received my TestFlight code by email…Maybe check the spam folder.
Or maybe it will arrive later.

I think they nailed it. You will need the apple pencil to be able to 3d model.

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@RTCool those who receive an invitation to join the Beta should also receive a notification once they’ve been added to the accompanying SketchUp for iPad Beta forum.

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@Renderiza That’s great to hear! :grin:

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This is really awesome! I signed in for the Beta.
I own a iPad Pro 12,9" with M1 chip and I´m really exited about how well it can handle larger models.

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If this could be an early version of something that allows direct “pen to paper” designing without needing a remote device like a mouse or scrollpad, then we have at last reached the point I was expecting CAD to get to eventually. All we would need then is much larger iPads, aka electronic drawing boards and we will at last have brought technical drawing back to where it began, albeit in a much more powerful way.

I have been using CAD since about 1990 and remember going to CAD fairs back then asking CAD suppliers when we would get an electronic drawing board. I was generally looked at in a pitying way and told patronisingly that computer mice were fantastic things. So they are, but they don’t compare to direct drafting.


And here I went with the small iPad to easier fit it into my bag :grin: . Well, with zoom and pan I think you can get much of the benefits of the large drawing board on the size of a sketchpad.


An iPad is very useful for surveying and client presentation, but the big prize for me would be in turning my desk into a directly responsive drawing board - all the advantages of an actual physical drawing board married to the power of computer drafting. What’s not to like?


Which you have been able to do for a long time with Direct input graphic computers. Wacom for example.

You’re right. I am behind the curve. When I last investigated, the Wacom tablets were not much bigger than iPads but I see you can now get them up to 32". However, they cost over £3,000 (way more than my much more capable Mac) and if they are only drawing screens, the market will be limited to high end use. Also, if I were investing that much money, I would want to be sure than any software I wanted to use on it was optimised for it. As I don’t remember many posts here from people regularly using Wacoms with Sketchup, my suspicion is that it may not play as nicely with SU as one would hope.

I’ve been using one so long that they tell me it is now obsolete so parts are not available.
Many people use them and they are full computers, not just graphic tablets.
But this is all off topic.

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I read somewhere some time ago about a rumour, that apple will release bigger ipad pros in the future…

The iPad version has a built in ‘Mark Up’ tool that would allow you to draw or sketch inside the model. It will capture the camera position and creates a scene where the markup end’s up as a watermark in the used Style.


I’m very excited about the iPad version. What are the hardware requirements? My iPad Pro is 4 years old and starting to show its age. I’ll replace it if that’s what’s needed to put SketchUp on it.

Also, will the iPad version support plug-ins?

The main thing is you need an iPad Pencil. I’m successfully using a basic iPad G6 and a first generation iPad Pencil.

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HELP!!! I was accepted into the Beta Test. Received an email from TestFlight and from SketchUp. There was no Redeem Code sent so TestFlight has no idea what to load or install.

Can someone please send a better invite that includes the right instructions and Redeem Codes to get started.

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You have to be sure that you log in with the right email address when you install Testflight
You can change it on the iPad in the Settings > Apple ID > ‘media and Purchases’
It has to be the same one as the email that you used to sign up for the Beta.