SketchUp for iPad

So my Apple ID is the login and password? Or should I change my SketchUp I’d and password to match?

HELP!!! They do match and still nothing!!1

The big question is will this version of SketchUp allow extensions?

Me Too!!!

You can get someing like an XPS laptop that is powerful but also has a touch display (licensed by Wacom). I am just getting some for work at the moment.

Portability of an iPad but power of a PC, and not too costly Is the Dell XPS 15 (9500) available with a touchscreen 4K UHD display? | Windows Central

Let us know how you get on. The question that has not really been answered in this thread is how nicely any direct input screen device will play with Sketchup. In my dreams, I imagine it would be full blown SU with everything working as it does on a PC or Mac, including extensions. The only difference is that you wouldn’t need a mouse, there would be some other means of navigating and input would be by some kind of stylus. Not sure we’re there yet?

In normal life I use a Cintiq pen display and I just use a pen and my hands (becuase its touch screen) so i dont need the keybboard or mouse.

I did like the iPad version with the pen when I tested it, in fact its why I have now re-appeared because I gave up on the dekstop version 16 months ago, but this iPad version I will certianly use!

I have an iPad pencil so am good there.

@liamk887, until recently, I’ve only dabbled with some sketching apps on the iPad, but because of your recommendations I jumped into Procreate with a few local classes and a couple Artstation courses. I really like it, and really like the Apple Pencil compared to the Wacom stylus. I love having SU available on the iPad as well even if it isn’t everything the desktop app is.



if we have SKP for iPad, this means for me SKP Beta runs native on M1 …
… so can we have a statement, when we get a native SKP for M1 + macOS?

I have a running license on macOS until April 2022 = latest version without
the abonnement. I hope i can get a updated M1 version of SKP in this period.


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Get this one next Nomad Sculpt


That would be amazing to have such a drawing board.

So when are we going to get the right directions and the instructions and redeem codes to get the app to load so we can start testing, especially if we have been approved to be part of the Beta Test.

This is probably the closest, Wacom MobileStudio 15


I’m guessing no.

The core is probably the same as SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Web. But looking at the UI, the integration seems to be based on SketchUp Web, maybe as a Progressive Web App?
Either that, or they developed a brand new UI layer specifically for iPadOS. In this case, I doubt the Ruby integration is easily portable.

But then again, I know nothing about development on iPadOS/iOS, so this is just a guess :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I joined the beta and got the email to open the app in Testflight. But I dont get an acces to the actual Ipad App in testflight. Does anyone know what I have to do? Thanks!

I am actually excited about Sketchup for iPads; so I have a wishlist:

  • it has same features as on a PC
  • it will have exporting abilities to apps like Procreate, Adobe suites and AutoCAD
  • allows extended use without draining the battery

You can rest assured that we will be loud and clear when there is a MacOS M1 version of SketchUp. Note that this iPad app, while very similar to the client, is not the same thing and the M1 support here is not a direct translation to the M1 MacOS version.

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I have no real idea, but given that it looks very much like a flavor of the web based app, I should hope it could eventually do anything SU Shop can which includes import/export DWG, and other stuff.

The idea of working in SketchUp and then moving to Procreate for post processing, all while not leaving the iPad is very appealing.

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at the moment most of the Adobe suites are available on the iPad too; that would be amazing if we could do all the post processing without leaving the iPad. I would be free from having to sit at my desk all day

the possibilities of combining the Apple pencil and SketchUp could be amazing. I hope they include better curve making tools through the Pencil.