SketchUp for iPad app

SketchUp on iPad was mentioned and demoed at the apple event yesterday, will this product be released to the general public soon? Launch date? I’ve sign up for the beta but have yet to receive an invite.

Search (Google) for “SketchUp” and “iPad” and find this link:

Thanks Mike, not exactly what I was looking for… that’s been up for a while and I’ve been “on the list” for the beta since January. Just figured with Apple demoing it on the new iPad Air it was ready for release, perhaps on the 18th when the iPads release? Any more specific information available about this product, will it require the M1 for instance?

A lot of people applied to be on the beta. I’m not sure how long it will take to sign up more people.

We didn’t yet get to a point of giving release dates. Apple didn’t demo the app, they had a short screen recording of the app in action.

Most of the people testing the app are not on M1 iPad, so it shouldn’t be a requirement. But, it does work well on M1 iPad!

We have this page up if you want to receive updates:

Thanks Colin, I appreciate the info. I look forward to the release!