IPad Pro Release?

Any available updates relating to a release date of Sketchup for iPad or possibility of more users being added to the beta?

I own / operate a small construction company, and the ability for me to model on-site with my iPad Pro (M1) would be outstanding. I’ve been in the beta waiting list since it was released, essentially. Just would love to start using this more on-site where I can accurately pull measurements and angles.

Done a lot of googling and searching the forums for the last 5 months with little to no new information available.

In Friday’s live drawing session, they said there were a few more spaces available to beta testing, but, hey, that was Friday. Don’t know what happened since then.

Hopefully expressing some interest here can fetch me a little attention, I’m sure there are plenty of us waiting patiently; I feel as if I can offer some beneficial input being that I run my business off of mobile solutions primarily.

Keep an eye on social media and maybe swing by the live stream this Friday… I can’t say why… but… you know… swing by!

Thank you!

YouTube live stream?

Yep! Check it out!