iPad Beta Software

Has anyone been accepted lately for the iPad beta? I signed up the day it was released, but still haven’t received the invite.

Also applied right away and no, no word yet.

I applied 5 months ago and still nothing either!

Unfortunately, same for me. Signed up, but have not yet been invited to join the beta.

Seems like there is a limitation on the number of users of the used testing software, although it’s a vast number already:

There is some amount of manual labor needed to get someone signed up. I won’t say exact numbers, partly because I don’t know them, but to give you a sense of the situation:

Say that n users can be added to the beta in the amount of time available to do that. Then every now and then the application is updated, and another n people are added, eventually everyone is signed up.

Unfortunately, or arguably fortunately, on the first day 10n people signed up. You may well have been within the first 10n people, but not yet been reached in the list.

Aaron hinted at giving out some related information in the live stream next Friday (March 11th):