How long does it take to be able to download sketchup for iPad from beta e-mail?

I have signed up on the sketchup website for the iPad beta, and got an email saying in on the waitlist. Approximately how long does it take for you to actually download it on your iPad after that Spey is complete?

I’ve been waiting 5 or 6 weeks.

Hi John. A lot of people signed up for the beta, and it’s a somewhat manual process to add them. I hope that you get added soon, I’m sure you will have some good ideas!


Thank you, Colin

Hi @colin , impatient to receive the beta code :slight_smile: thanks

I am too. But wait, I work there… so scrub that.

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I bought an Ipad for christmas. After I saw, Sketchup will be ready soon for using on Ipad.
Know I wait for 4 month and nothing happend. Is ist possible to test the beta version?
I am using sketchup for windows about 4 years know. But know I want to use it on Ipad.

Best Regards

Hi @Nadine (and others on this thread). SketchUp for iPad (V6.0.1) launched this week, and is now available for you to install via the Apple App Store!

We’ve also just set up a new forum space for chatting about the app.

Happy Sketching!