SketchUp for iPad beta?

Maybe this isn’t appropriate for this platform.

I’ve had a Pro license for a while but have not really had time/technical resources to learn how to use it. I am starting a new project and would like to use it for the complete remodel. I understand there is beta of a version for iPad. How is that accessed?

SketchUp for iPad is in beta and invites are being distributed slowly. I don’t know that you will get in (I believe that the waiting list is pretty long) but you might be able to apply. Either way, beta software is not intended for production use, so you would probably be better of using SketchUp Pro, anyway.

Thanks for the reply. I have played with SketchUp in past but have forgotten most everything. I am trying to take some courses in the SU Academy, starting with SketchUp Fundamentals. But, I have logged into my Trimble account, gone to the Academy dashboard, found the Fundamentals download, but the platform does not let me download…the link for the download does not activate when I roll over it.

My subscription was supposed to include some phone support, but when I tried to get a phone number the only information I get is that the phone number is in my license info and I simply cannot find out where it is. Sorry for being such a bother. I just found out I shoulfd have said Campus, not Academy