SketchUp Studio setup

Hi, so I recently bought SketchUp studio for an architecture class and I use my iPad for school, and I, having trouble setup my account. Am I supposed to open and download SketchUp on a device that has windows or macOS and then sign into my iPad with that email? Or am I able to setup that account without another device?

You just have to log in inside the app using the same email and password of the trimble account you used to buy Sketchup Studio, the same when you use the desktop version, the first time you’ll have to log in using your trimble account, you’ll be asked every month or so to log in again for security reasons.

I did but for some reason it says I have the free account and tells me I need SketchUp go.

When you previously had SketchUp Go, you signed in with Apple, and chose to hide your email address. For your Education Studio subscription you signed up with your real email address. If you continue to sign in on iPad using your Apple ID, you won’t get connected to the Studio subscription.

You could sign in to using the Sign in with Apple option, to see what models you had made during the time you had Go, and maybe download any that you need to keep. Then sign in again with your Trimble ID, and upload any you want the iPad to use. On iPad you would then sign in with your Trimble ID, and should see the same models, and be able to edit them.