I downloaded SketchUp on iPad then upgraded to Pro on desktop, now I'm left with two accounts

I knew I wanted to get started in SketchUp and went ahead and downloaded it on my new iPad (the paid version) to see how it works. After doing more research I figured out I wanted the pro plan. So I upgraded on my trimble account and it created a second account using the exact same Apple ID. Now I have two accounts that I can switch between on my desktop, but can’t switch between on my iPad. So everything I do on my computer isn’t connecting to my iPad, because it’s a different account. Anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy this?

For the iPad signing in you had chosen to hide your email address. We know you as a @privaterelay.appleid.com email. When you signed in on your computer, that’s directly with your real Apple ID email address, as a Trimble ID I think.

You could try using the Sign in with Apple option on your computer as well, and that hopefully will connect you to the @privaterelay.appleid.com account.