SketchUp for iPad – Release Notes

We’ll update this thread periodically with information about the bits and bobs that are included in each new release of SketchUp for iPad.

June 13, 2022 – v6.0.7 (1871)
Here’s what’s new in v6.0.7 (1871)

  • In this release, we’ve fixed a bug that improves the app’s handling of Autosave recovery backup files. When closing a file with unsaved changes, and choosing the option to discard changes, or save the file as a copy, SketchUp now correctly discards any Autosave recovery backup files.

June 7, 2022 – v6.0.6 (1869)
Here’s what’s new in v6.0.6 (1869)

• We heard your feedback about wanting an option to save progress updates while working on a model. This version includes a manual Save button, located in the Main toolbar (top left of the screen). The Save button will also visually indicate the moment when an autosave is performed. Note that when working on models that are stored in Trimble Connect, pressing the Save Button will publish a new revision of the model to Connect. Autosave will create a local recovery backup file – autosave will NOT automatically publish a new revision of the model to Connect.
• We heard your feedback about wanting to configure additional preferences. In this release:

  • We added several options to the Pencil & Multi-touch preferences. The new options allow you to map 1-finger tap, 1-finger double-tap, and 1-finger triple-tap gestures to selection operations so that you can work more efficiently when drawing with Apple Pencil, using multitouch to make selections, and edit objects without having to activate the Select tool.
  • We also added an option to set the default Select tool mode, with the option to choose the inverse mode as the default.

• We added Select All to the tool mode toolbar for the Select and Lasso tools.
• We added the “From Center” modifier to the Rectangle tool.
• We added the ability to configure display preferences for Area and Volume units to the Model Info panel.
• We added additional options for controlling whether Shadows are cast On Ground, On Faces, and/or From Edges. These additional options are available via the accordion menu below the primary Shadows on/off toggle. Tap the down arrow to the left of the Shadows to reveal these additional options.
• We’ve added some additional options to the Styles panel:

  • Additional Edge settings include the option to choose the edge color mode (All same, By axis, or By material), and to choose a custom color when the setting is set to All same.
  • Additional Face settings include the option to set a custom front/back face color, the option to set transparency preferences to on/off, and/or adjust the transparency quality settings (nicer, medium, faster).
  • Additional Modeling settings include options to set custom colors for Section Cuts and Section Fills.
    • Based on your feedback, we improved the 3-finger swipe gesture so that when using the gesture to adjust the Field of View, the camera behavior more closely mimics the behavior in SketchUp Desktop/Web apps. The camera no longer dollys back and forth.
    • We added a warning that will appear when relaunching the app after a crash. The warning will be displayed if the app locates and automatically reopens an autosave recovery backup file. The warning is intended to encourage users to save the recovery backup file because the file might be irrevocably lost if the app crashes again before the file is saved.

• Bug fixes:

  • We fixed a bug that was affecting some users who reported that SketchUp’s drawing space would freeze up after selecting a tool from the toolbar.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing navigation tools (orbit/pan/zoom) to get stuck in FOV mode after using the 3-finger swipe gesture to adjust FOV while using those tools.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing Live Component parameters to fail to load when trying for the first time after launching the app. This bug was also affecting Autoshape from being able to draw Live Component-based shapes on the first attempt.
  • We improved all segment-based drawing tools (e.g. circle, polygon, arcs) so that you now have the option to use the tool mode toolbar buttons to increase or decrease the number of segments before, and/or immediately after, drawing a shape. You can also now adjust segments while the tangent inference lock is active.

• Other misc bug fixes and improvements

Apr 13, 2022 – v6.0.1 (1839)
Here’s what’s new in v6.0.1 (1839)

For starters – SketchUp for iPad is LIVE!!! You can install the latest version from the Apple App Store, and learn more about it on and in the Help Center.

With the arrival of SketchUp for iPad, we’ve also rebranded our entry-level subscription offering (formerly known as SketchUp Shop), which is now called SketchUp Go.

Okay, back to what’s new in Version 6 (1828)…

In all versions of the app (iPad & iPhone, in Viewer mode or Editor mode):
• By far, the #1 thing we’ve heard from users after we launched version 5.5.1 was that you missed having the option to browse 3rd party cloud services from within the SketchUp app. Further, you were missing the option to have those files stick on the Home screen after closing them. Fair enough. We’re sorry for the confusion and frustration that those changes created for you, and we’re glad to say that with Version 6, we’ve added a new “Add from” button to the Home screen. This button will appear on both iPad and iPhone versions of the app, in both Viewer and Editor modes. Tapping Add From will launch the Files app within the SketchUp app, and offer you the option to browse and search for files that are stored locally, or are stored on whatever 3rd party file service you want to use (provided that the service has been added to the Files app).

SketchUp for iPad (editor mode):
• We’ve added the ability to export Animations! Assuming you have at least 2 scenes that are configured to be included in an animation, you can then tap the share button in the Scenes Panel toolbar, and choose Animation (.mp4) from the dropdown menu. From there you’ll see the option to choose from a number of presets or choose your own custom export settings.
• We’ve added a Welcome strip to the App home screen that is designed to route you to the appropriate self-paced tutorial for pencil drawing, multitouch, or mouse & trackpad (all of which are also available from the Learn tab. The tutorials are currently in English only and we are exploring options for translating into all 14 of the non-English languages that we support.
• We’ve added a series of video tutorials (Instructor 2.0!). You’ll see the learn hat icon in the tool mode toolbar for nearly every tool. Tapping the learn hat will launch a quick video that illustrates the basic use of each tool when drawing with Apple Pencil in just draw mode when drawing with Apple Pencil in click-move-click mode, when drawing with Multitouch, and when using a mouse or trackpad. The videos are currently in English only but we are exploring options for translating them into all 14 of the non-English languages that we support.
• We made a slight improvement to Markup Mode. It’s now the case that the name of the styles that Markup markup mode creates, match the name of the corresponding scene that the style is applied to.
• We updated the Preferences panel. The preferences panel is now accessible via the gear icon in the Main toolbar, in the top left corner of the model viewing window.
• The Standard Views (Top, Right, Left, etc…) now respect the position of the model axes, matching the patterns established in SketchUp for Desktop.
• We made an improvement to the panel labels, and toolbar labels to make them more legible
• We’ve bolstered support for using a keyboard with SketchUp for iPad. Improvements include:

  • SketchUp for iPad now supports all of the same default keyboard shortcuts that are available in SketchUp for Web and SketchUp for Desktop. To see the complete list of supported shortcuts, press and hold the command key on your keyboard.
  • We now support the use of using the keyboard to initiate the toggling on/off of optional tool modes.
  • It is now the case that pressing the return key when interacting with a panel will trigger the primary (blue) button. For example, when editing Scene details, pressing Return will trigger the blue, OK button.

iPhone App:
• Based on your feedback we reduced the thickness of edge rendering in the iPhone version of the app.
• We added a subtle bit of scroll ability to the iPhone toolbar in order to give the icons a bit more breathing room.
• We fixed a few of the pop-up screens that were all smushed up when using the app on a phone (and in some cases an iPad Mini) in landscape mode.

Mar 25, 2022 – v6 (1780)
Here’s what’s new in v6 (1780)

PLEASE NOTE: SketchUp for iPad now requires iOS 15.0 or newer.

• We’ve made some exciting updates to Markup Mode. It’s now possible to edit existing markups and it’s also possible to project your markups and merge your hand-drawn sketches with your 3D models.

  • Edit Markups: After tapping a scene that contains one or more markups, you can then activate the Markup mode tool. SketchUp will ask what you want to do next. If you choose the option to edit a markup, SketchUp will then ask you to choose which of the markups contained in the active scene you want to edit.
  • Project Markups: After tapping a scene that contains one or more markups, you’ll then need to pre-select the face or faces in the model that you want to project your markups onto. After making a selection, you can then tap the … icon or swipe on the active markup scene in the Scenes panel. In the slide-over menu, you’ll see the markup icon. Tapping the Markup icon will project the markups of a scene onto the preselected geometry (and create unique materials that are the result of the merger between your markups and the materials that were previously applied to that geometry). Orbit to see the results.

• We’ve added a dialog for specifying image export preferences when exporting PNG files (via the export icon that is available via the Scenes Panel toolbar). Image export options now include resolution, transparency, and anti-aliasing.
• We’ve enhanced keyboard support by offering the ability to toggle optional tool modes on/off by tapping the same keyboard modifier keys that are used in the Mac Desktop version of SketchUp.
• When publishing a file to Connect, or when publishing a new revision to a file, the model thumbnail (of the last saved view) will be saved to Connect and persist when viewing recent model lists across SketchUp for Web, SketchUp for iPad, and the SketchUp Viewer app for iPhone.
• We’ve added the option to export SketchUp files in USDz format. You’ll find the option to export USDz from the … overflow menu of model cards that are displayed on the Home Screen in the Recent Models list. We’re excited about the workflows that this capability will unlock for working across other great iPad apps like Morpholio Trace and Procreate, to name a few – and will be listening for feedback.
• While creating/editing models using multi-touch, you’ll notice that we’ve added a multi-touch cursor that displays a ring around the tip of your finger. The ring will change color to help you better understand the type of inference that SketchUp has detected under your finger (Blue = On Face, Red = On Edge, Green = On Endpoint, Cyan = On Midpoint).
• We’ve added unit preferences for Length and Angle units to the Model Info panel to make it possible to change display units on the fly.
• We’ve updated and added to the self-paced tutorials that are available via the Learn tab on the Home Screen. We now offer specific versions for each of the various input methods (Pencil - click-move-click, Pencil - just draw, Multi-touch, and Mouse/Trackpad).
• Fixed a few typos in the printable versions of the Gestures and Autoshape reference guides. (If you didn’t know, the ‘Share’ icon in the header of the interactive Gestures and Autoshape widgets will offer you the option to export/save/print 8.5” x 11” quick reference cards in PDF format.)
• We’ve enhanced the look and feel of the initial app launch & Sign-In flows. Please hammer on this if you have time (in both landscape and portrait). We want to know if you find any issues when signing in or out of the app.
• Based on your feedback, we’ve rearranged the layout of the Measurements Box numpad so that the numbers are now arranged in a ‘calculator’ layout vs ‘phone’ layout.
• A bunch of other misc bug fixes and improvements.

Feb 26, 2022 – v6 (1714)
Here’s what’s new in v6 (1714)

PLEASE NOTE: SketchUp for iPad now requires iOS 15.0 or newer.

  • Markup Mode improvements. When activating the Markup tool, while a Markup scene is active, we now offer a third choice, to edit an existing markup. For scenes with multiple markups, you’ll then have the option to choose which markup you want to edit.
  • Entity info now includes a more complete set of component attributes for Live Components.
  • Bugfix: We fixed an issue that was affecting multi-touch navigation gestures. The camera no longer ‘jumps’ after using zoom & orbit gestures in quick succession.
  • Bugfix: We fixed a bug that was affecting models with styles that had transparency rendering set to Nicer. Models with this setting no longer display stripey rendering artifacts.
  • Bugfix: Text Label, Dimension, Position Camera, and Tape measure tools now work properly when using the tools with multi-touch gestures. Specifically, these tools now all support the long-press and drag UX pattern. For the Position Camera tool, long-press and drag now results in the creation of a target camera.
  • Bugfix: The Hide Rest of Model and Hide Similar Components toggle switches now display the correct state when switching between scenes with the Display panel collapsed.
  • Bugfix: When creating an “inner loop” component, the component properties are now correctly set to defaults that match those used in SketchUp Desktop and SketchUp for Web apps. The Gluing property is set to Any, and Cut Opening is toggled on.

Feb 11, 2022 v6 (1694)
Here’s what’s new in v6 (1694)

PLEASE NOTE: SketchUp for iPad now requires iOS 15.0 or newer.

This was a big one…

  • We’re excited to introduce you to our newest set of icons, now available in SketchUp for iPad Beta. The icons embrace SketchUp’s history while bringing to life a renewed set of design principles that reflect the SketchUp brand’s unique blend of fun, irreverent professionalism. These icons also acknowledge the important role that color and contrast offer for being able to quickly recognize, and select specific tools. We’re looking forward to hearing what you all think about the direction this is moving in.
  • The app now offers docking stations for toolbars, and the measurements box.
    • When docked, toolbars will preserve their location when switching between landscape and portrait orientations.
    • Docking stations are located around the perimeter of the screen.
    • The Tool Mode toolbar is the only toolbar that can occupy the station adjacent to the main toolbar.
    • When docked to the center stations, the toolbars are center justified (and grow from the center). When docked to the left stations, the toolbars are left justified (and grow to the right).
    • Since the toolbars can grow to be quite large in some circumstances, only one toolbar can be docked to either the top or bottom of the screen. Optionally, you can dock one toolbar plus the Measurements box to either the top or bottom of the screen. On smaller screens, and/or while in portrait mode, the right-side panels might overlap various toolbar configurations.
    • When docked, the measurements box will remain collapsed if you simply type into it. It will expand if you tap on it with your finger or stylus, or click on it with a mouse or trackpad.
  • We’ve added 3 different workflow options for importing SKP files. With your SketchUp project open:
    • Tap the new Import icon located in the main toolbar (top left of the screen) and choose the model you want to import from either Trimble Connect, or the Files app.
    • Launch any apps that support drag-n-drop in a multi-tasking or split-screen view and drag-n-drop any SketchUp file into your project.
    • Airdrop a SketchUp file from another device to your iPad.
  • Improvements to the Scenes Panel:
    • Use a pinch gesture within the scenes panel to switch between a compact list view and detail view.
    • Scene Thumbnail is now included as a scene property in the Edit Scene Details and Update Scene dialogs allowing you to control, on a per-scene basis, whether to generate a thumbnail for a given scene.
  • Improvements to drawing tools:
    • Added the ability to increase/decrease segments when drawing with the Circle, Polygon, and Arc tools via the tool mode toolbar.
    • 3 Point Arc and 2 Point Arc tools now offer the Tangent Inference Lock option. When in Just Draw mode, tangent lock is automatically activated for the 3 Point Arc tool.
  • Improvements to Markup Mode:
    • After creating a markup or activating a markup scene, the markup will then disappear as soon as you orbit.
    • When a markup scene is activated and you then select the markup tool, you will be offered options to:
    1. Create a new markup scene – this option allows you to start fresh and create a new markup scene.
    2. Add a markup to the current scene – this option allows you to create a new scene that contains any existing markups, plus additional markups.
  • Improvements to Entity Info, which now offers the option to edit the current tag and/or material of a selection.
  • Improvements to the integration with Trimble Connect:
    • When opening a file that has been shared with you, and that you have read-only access to, you will only be able to view the file in the app’s Viewer Mode.
    • When opening a file that is currently ‘Checked out’ from Trimble Connect by another user, you will be able to make changes but you will not be able to save the changes as a new revision to the original file until the file it’s checked back in.
  • Bugfix: We fixed an issue that was causing the app to crash after double-tapping on a Live component to edit its properties.
  • Known issue: When drawing 2 point and 3 point arcs, with the tangent inference locked, the Arc tools don’t start over after drawing an arc that creates/splits a face.

Jan 20, 2022 – v5.4.9 (1637)
Here’s what’s new in v5.4.9 (1637)

PLEASE NOTE: SketchUp for iPad now requires iOS 15.0 or newer.

  • Stability improvements. This version will crash a lot less than the previous one.
  • More progress on Entity Info, which now offers info & options for text entities and section planes.
  • When working with the Freehand tool it’s now easier to close a face. You’ll also get better, smoother results when using the freehand tool to draw lines that cross over other lines, or when tracing across surfaces of objects that are oriented along different planes.
  • We reworked the way the app generates Scene Thumbnails. It was previously the case that SketchUp for iPad would generate thumbnails for every scene, regardless of whether you may have already decided not to generate scene thumbnails when working on SketchUp for Web or SketchUp for Desktop. The app doesn’t do that anymore.
  • We made a few updates to Templates:
    • Added a template for Fractional Inch units. (Note: templates for various default unit preferences can be accessed on the home screen by tapping the down arrow to the right of the Create New button).
    • To facilitate the process of assigning tags using the Tag tool, especially while viewing the model in Color by Tag mode, we’ve changed the Untagged tag color to white across all templates. You’ll only notice a change when working with new files that are created from here on. The same is true in SketchUp for Web.
    • Length snapping is turned off by default on all templates.
  • Bugfix: Turning toggle switches on/off while working in the Edit Scene Details panel was causing scene properties to update inadvertently. Not anymore.
  • Bugfix: We fixed a bug that was causing files to show up as having a file size of ‘Zero KB’ after a new revision of that model was published to Trimble Connect. The app now properly displays the actual file size.
  • Bugfix: When typing values into editable length fields in Entity Info, the app will now properly recognize and assign unqualified metric units. For example, when working in a model that has the default units set to Centimeters, you can now simply type ‘63’ into an entity info field and have that automatically result in 63 cm.

Jan 7, 2022 – v 5.4.9 (1629)
Here’s what’s new in v 5.4.9 (1629)

PLAESE NOTE: SketchUp for iPad now requires iOS 15.0 or newer.

  • The Materials panel now offers options to add, edit, duplicate and delete materials!
  • Perhaps most notable in this release are the changes we’ve implemented to the large toolbar and tool palette, based on your feedback. With the new toolbar, you’ll notice:
    • The toolbar is now pre-populated with several tools and offers 3 recent tool slots by default.
    • You can customize the order of tool icons in the toolbar or tool palette by long-pressing and dragging them around.
    • You can reorder items in the toolbar, and/or move icons back and forth between the toolbar and tool palette.
    • You can add/remove recent tool blocks.
    • You can add/remove dividers in the tool palette.
    • You can use the pinch gesture on the tool palette to show/hide icon labels.
  • More progress on Entity Info, which now offers info & options for linear dimension objects, image objects, guidelines and points, and a little note for when nothing is selected.
  • Improvement: SketchUp for iPad now includes the Move tool modifier for Stamp mode, available from the tool mode toolbar. Stamp mode differs from Move-copy in that after tapping to activate Stamp mode it will remain active, allowing for multiple copies to be created, until you tap the tool mode button a second time to toggle it off.
  • Improvement: The Section Plane tool now offers inference locking options.
  • Improvement: The Freehand tool now offers inference locking options as well as tool mode toolbar buttons to increase/decrease the level of detail of freehand curves.
  • Improvement: Many of you reported that you were having trouble with the Panel Labels coming back after swiping to minimize the panels section. It’s now the case that if you swipe right to minimize the panels (and hide the labels) you will now have to swipe left to get the labels to come back. Tapping the panels to expand/collapse them will not have any effect on whether or not the labels show/hide.
  • Improvement: When activated, the quick-pinch to zoom extents gesture will only zoom extents when quick-pinching to zoom out, not when quick-pinching to zoom in.
    • Bugfix: The Materials sub-menu will now show up in the context menu toolbar for all languages.
  • Bugfix: The make component button will now show up in the context menu when a group is selected.
  • Bugfix: When groups are turned into components, the app no longer creates an additional object wrapper.
  • Bugfix: The Select tool now works again with long-press-drag multi-touch interactions.
  • Bugfix: The Freehand tool now works again with long-press-drag multi-touch interactions.
  • Bugfix: Some Selection sub-menu items and Materials sub-menu items were missing from the Context menu because of missing or incorrect translations. We’ve fixed these and other issues by updating multi-language translations throughout the application.

Dec 3, 2021 v 5.4.9 (438.1598)
Here’s what’s new in v 5.4.9 (438.1598):
Thanks for all of the great feedback that you all have submitted during the Beta! In this update, you’ll see that we’re making progress on a handful of some of the most widely requested features & improvements, including Entity info and Materials. While there’s still some work to do for both things, we’re excited for you to check out the progress we’ve made thus far.

  • Entity Info – in progress. We’ve implemented Entity Info for edges, circles, polygons, arcs, faces, surfaces, groups, solid groups, components, and solid components. All the other entity types are still on the list.
  • Materials – in progress. We’ve wired up the Paint Bucket tool and Materials panel so that they play as nicely together in SketchUp for iPad as they do in other SketchUp apps. In the Materials panel, you’ll see the In Model materials presented in tile view. The standard SketchUp material libraries are available via 3D Warehouse (just tap the 3D Warehouse icon). Options to Add/Edit/Delete/Duplicate materials are still in the works.
  • (New!) Tag tool. Selecting a tag from the Tags panel will automatically activate the Tag tool making it possible to apply the selected tag to things in the model. Alternatively, you can activate the Tag tool from the tools panel and then either select a tag, or use the optional sample mode to sample a tag from something in the model, and then apply that tag to other things. You’ll find that the usage patterns for the Tag tool closely align with those of the Paint Bucket tool – even more so when you toggle on the Color by Tag option in the Tags panel.
  • Add photo texture. When any face is selected, the Context menu toolbar will display the Materials submenu icon. Tapping the icon will reveal a sub-menu that includes the option for Add Photo Texture. The add photo texture command offers the ability to take a photo with your iPad camera and then immediately crop the image using the texture position pins before then applying the image directly to the preselected face as a texture.
  • Improvement to the texture position workflow. You now have the option, when relocating a texture position pin, to drag the pin while placing it back down.
  • UI improvements to the phone viewer app. The Sign In screen, the Feedback tab, and the About tab on the Home Screen are responsive to both landscape and portrait orientations. (Note: if you haven’t tried this app out on your phone, where it functions solely as a viewer app, now’s a great time to check it out.)
  • Bugfix: the Scenes panel now preserves the previous expanded/collapsed state of the Standard views list between sessions.
  • Bugfix: added a bit of padding to the bottom of scrollable panels (e.g. Tags, Scenes) to make it easier to select items at the bottom of the list.
  • Bugfix: shadows now animate during scene transitions.
  • Bugfix: the Shadow panel sliders now update correctly when switching between scenes that are set to different dates/times.

Oct 14, 2021 – v 5.4.9 (438.746)
Here’s what’s new in v 5.4.9 (438.746):
• Fixed some bugs that blocked saving changes to files that were opened via AirDrop or Open In… workflows. With v437.746 you now have the ability to:

  • Open a .skp file from another 3rd Party Cloud Service that has been enabled in the Files App. When you make changes and then save the file, the file will be saved directly back to the 3rd party cloud service. The file will not appear on the Home Screen in the Recent Files list. If you choose to Save a Copy, the copy will be saved locally on your iPad and will be available from the Home Screen in the Recent Files list.
  • Open a .skp file from another 3rd Party app using the Open In… workflow (e.g. Mail app, Gmail app, GDrive app, etc). When you make changes and then save the file (or save a copy), the file will be saved locally on your iPad and will be available from the Home Screen in the Recent Files list.
  • Transfer a file from SU desktop (macOS) to SU for iPad via Airdrop. When you make changes and then save the file, the file will be saved locally on your iPad and will be visible on the Home Screen in the Recent Models list.

Oct 5, 2021 – v 5.4.9 (438.743)
Here’s what’s new in v 5.4.9 (438.743):
NOTE: With this latest release, we’ve updated the minimum required iOS version to 14.1
• Added a 3-finger drag up/down gesture to adjust the camera Field of View
• Added an interactive Learning guide for multi-touch gestures that is available from the Learn Tab. (Note that both the Gesture guide and Autoshape guide include the option to export a printable quick reference card in .pdf format) via the share button.)
• Added support for features that require click-drag with pencil, mouse, or trackpad. For example, when using a mouse, trackpad, or Pencil (while in click-move-click pencil mode), you now have the option to click-drag when using the rotate and protractor tools, to set an axis of rotation, or when using position camera to set a target camera.
• Improved the usability of the Section Plane tool so that when using a Pencil (in Just Draw mode) or multitouch, you can just tap, to create a section plane.
• Improved the usability of the Walk tool so that no matter what pencil mode you’re in, you have the option to walk by lightly dragging the pencil around on the screen.
• Added Background settings to the Styles panel.
• Fixed a bug that was affecting the Styles panel. Now when you tap to activate a scene, the Styles panel will update to reflect the style settings of the current scene.
• The Position Texture options are now available via the context menu toolbar when a colored or textured face is selected. When positioning a texture, a secondary context menu toolbar is available offering options for Done, Toggling between Free Pin vs Fixed Pin modes, and flipping, rotating, and resetting the image texture.
• It’s also now possible to relocate the push pins when positioning a texture, using a mouse, trackpad, touch, or pencil.
• Added the optional tool mode for Orbit, which allows you to defy gravity when tumbling the model.

Sep 9, 2021 – v 5.4.9 (438.680)
Here’s what’s new in v 5.4.9 (438.660):
• We think we fixed an issue that was affecting users who were working across SketchUp for iPad and SketchUp for Desktop and who were using the Trimble Connect extension for SketchUp Desktop – where certain workflows would result in the user seeing an “Oh Deer file not found or invalid” error message on iPad and them not being able to open or delete the model from iPad. If you experienced this issue in the past, please retest your workflows and let us know if you’re still seeing the issue.
• We’ve added Texture Position options back into the Context Menu toolbar. Fixed pin mode is available in this release. Free pin mode is still in the works.
• Fixed a bug that was preventing the download of material textures from 3D Warehouse. You can now import textures via the Materials fly-out on a model details page on 3DW. The app will automatically activate the paint bucket tool with the downloaded material active and ready to go.
• We started building out the Styles Panel by moving the Model settings out of the Display panel into the Styles panel.
• A couple more improvements to Just Draw mode, to bring the rest of the tools up to speed, including Axes, Dimensions, 3D Warehouse Import, and Paste. Let us know if you see any usability issues with any of the tools when using Just Draw mode.
• We made a couple of improvements to Autoshape: 1) When drawing shapes that have an obvious orientation (rectangles, boxes, Half circles, half-cylinders, pyramids, the shapes now respect the current model axes orientation). 2) We updated the live components for the windows so that the glass and frame don’t create a Z-fighting effect with the wall. 3) When creating 2D primitive shapes with Autoshape, the resulting shapes will merge to other loose edges and faces in the model.


When is next release pushed? I want to start a new project but waiting for the long fingernails camera regression fix.

Edit: Found a workaround! Reverted to a previous version and have now started a new project.

@MikeTadros, you missed the most important feature in the changelog!

In 5.4.9 the Zoom Extents gesture can be disabled, allowing the app to be used with long fingernails! :smiley: :smiley:

Edit: Maybe we should have a separate Praise thread? Being able to set a custom axis for Rotate is also an absolutely great addition! I’ve missed this A LOT and had to do cumbersome workarounds with guidelines and temporary faces.

After venting all my grievance I’m now trying to get to grips with file management and adapt to what we have.

Shouldn’t we have something more robust than the recent files list in order to organize the files in iPad that come from several sources?

And wouldn’t it be wise to have 3rd party cloud apps files, that have been edited and saved back into those file systems, being shown in recent files list? I don’t mean that the files should be duplicated to cache in order to show up in that list. I’m just asking if there is any possibility that the files reside in 3rd party cloud app and still show in the recent files list.

Note: thank you all for the patience you’ve been having with me and the file management issues I have.