Could the SketchUp developers develop for Mobile phones as such a proposal

could the SketchUp developers develop for Mobile phones as such a proposal?

I’m no longer familiar enough with Apple’s ecosystem to say this for sure, but the developers probably could port SketchUp over to Apple’s ecosystem. Based on the links given, to iPad with Apple Pencil, most certainly.

But mobile phones are another beast - the issue is screen space. Even if the code can be identical, I have a hard time imagining people trying to use SketchUp (or the Shapr3D app) on their phones.

Based on my own use of SketchUp (web based) within Chrome on a full size computer screen, android tablets, and android phones, 3D modeling works best on a big screen, is OK on a tablet, and is extremely frustrating on a phone. On a phone, it would be marginally better if a pencil interface is included. Were I in the Apple ecosystem, I’d almost certainly want the iPad version, and I’d probably load it SketchUp on my phone - for emergency use only.

Thus if SketchUp is inclined to develop for Apple’s mobile market, I think the natural target is the iPad - not the iPhone. If iPhone is easy to do as a (minor) fork of iPad - then go for it. If not? Don’t bother.

preferably Android would

The problem I have with Android (which I love and prefer), at least in respect to encouraging Trimble to develop for Android, is that Google seems to have given up on updating tablet versions of Android! And I can’t, in good conscience, encourage any developer to develop for an (apparently) abandoned OS.

When my trusty Pixel C tablet - already replaced once under extended warranty for a bad USB-C port (necessary for charging) - failed again (again wouldn’t charge), I researched what Android tablets are considered current technology. I found they are offered by Asus, Samsung, Lenovo - and probably others, but ALL of them ship with Android 8 - and Android 11 is the current incarnation for Android phones.

A Tangent: I don’t like the “extra” software that *non Google Android devices come with. I buy Google phones - unlocked - so I don’t have to deal with manufacturer or phone company add ons that can’t be removed. So while the Android tablets I found seem to be solid devices, they’re going to come with extras that I don’t want! And Google no longer sells Android tablets. The blogosphere seems unanimous that Google has stopped developing/improving Android for tablets.

I ended up replacing my Pixel C with a Pixel Slate ChromeOS device. It operates as a tablet when not connected to a keyboard, and as I ChromeBook when a keyboard IS connected. So far, I’m happy with it, but not completely! It’s bigger than I like for my most frequent use: Reading ebooks. It’s especially bad in bed. I wish it was available in the 10" size (or was it 9"?) of the Pixel C. ChomeOS CAN run most Android apps, so I was able to nearly duplicate my Pixel C the set of apps on the Pixel Slate, but there ARE minor interface differences I’m still getting used to!

If SketchUp does release a native iPad version, and iPads that can run it are available in a 9" or 10" version, I’ll seriously consider going back into the Apple world for my tablet. I’ve already seen that the apps I most use and rely on are available on both Android and iOS - except my podcast app! And that might be a deal breaker! I use the same app (DoggCatcher) on my phone and my tablet. And they synchronize my subscription list and “read/listened” status across both devices. I actually don’t use DoggCatcher on my tablet - it’s a backup for my phone - I don’t want to go without my podcasts if I have any problems with my phone!

My Ebook reader/Android tablet (with an e-ink screen) that I bought last summer came with Android 9.0, and checking what is available today, new Samsung models, at least, come with Android 10.