SketchUp Mobile SKETCH?

Hi, how difficult would be to build a Sketchup for iPad Pro (not just viewer) with just few tools?
An app for basic 3D sketching, push and pull, and measures.

I just was trying to download SU to Apple Pro but could not go beyond the Windows or Mac choice. I have the mobile viewer but it is very difficult to manipulate: the touch screen is too sensitive. Downloaded an app that is supposed to set up your i-phone as a mouse, but that does not work either. Guess we are not there yet

Have you tried Formit? Might fill what you need when working on an ipad/iphone/android and then return to Sketchup. I tried it a while back but didn’t like it (could be a good fit for your needs, though).

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I’m currently using Formit and Shapr3D. Cool and useful apps, but I’d really like to see sketchup on this iPad

If you can build the engine to use multithreading on an Ipad… then we could run an Ipad Emulator on our PC’s and maybe have better optimization? I’d give my first born son for this.

I’m still amazed that I can run the most demanding 3d games with millions of polygons exploding on the screen at a speed of 60 frames per second, but I have trouble making Sketchup models with many segments. I guess this demonstrates my ignorance of developing or running software.

I bet you cannot push pull accuratelly while shooting an alien…

This question comes up fairly regularly. Whereas there could conceivably be additional room for optimizing SketchUp, what it does is fundamentally different from what games do. See, for example, this prior topic:

Thank you for this link, it does help explain it.

Sorry to jump in a bit late here, but as of now there is no way to directly edit a sketchup model on a mobile device correct? I see that there is a sketchup viewer, but it doesn’t appear to have any edit tools.

That’s correct. Only a viewer.