Is there a Sketchup Mobile app?


Is there a mobile or iOS app in developement for Sketchup?
The idea is to use a Tablet (iPad or MS Surface) onsite instead of lugging around an Architectural Blueprint. This way it would be more dynamic.

I.E. if there is a need to ‘zoom-in’ to a specific area or a dimension that needs to be verified.

It would be highly convenient and productive to just open the SKP file and be able to look around it.

I currently setup a table with my laptop at a job site to achieve this task.
As you can imagine if the venue is more than 100’x100’ it becomes a task walking back and forth…

Hello @Smo0thiecake,

Unfortunately, Trimble does not disclose information about upcoming development projects. The best suggestion that can be offered for now is to periodically review Forum postings and check the SketchUp website for pertinent release information.

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If you only need to have a look at a model, you should have a look at the SketchUp Viewer for Mobile (AppStore, Playstore): 3D Modeling Online Free | 3D Warehouse Models | SketchUp

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That’s what I have used.

I also make sure to take PDF’s with (either load onto device or as an external memory stick that is accepted by the device) of all relevant documentation.

On the surface (preferably with Nvidia graphics) you can use the full version of SU or the web version, free or shop, or the dedicated desktop viewer. The surface is a full pc with a tablet mode.

Most of the time i only need to take a quick PEAK at the layout and this is helpful. But occasionally i have to make a decision based on the ‘Available Space’ and it would be helpful if i can use some of the tools to help make that decision faster-safer.

Thank you for the replies.

Thank you all for the replies, it helped me point to the right direction.

I guess i was hoping for a fuller version on iOS to enable me to make edits and/or draw full on Space for locations that are older or without existing blueprints.
Either way, the Sketchup Viewer on iOS is plenty to work with.