Sketch-Up for Android Tablets?


Is there a download of Sketchup for an android tablet?


Yes, see here:


Actually, that app is NOT a true version of Sketch Up. I want to be able to actually do a sketch while I am on a jobsite with a client right next to me.

The reviews make it very clear, this app is a total waste of money.


But thank you for trying.


It is “the” SketchUp app (and more true than fake). Actually it gives not a too bad value for the price compared to the price of the desktop version of SketchUp. But it is clearly not intended (and not advertized) for modeling purposes.

If you are specifically looking for a mobile modeling application, that is indeed a bit missing. There aren’t many mobile modelers, and that’s because it’s not so simple to solve. You could take a look at:
Sketcher 3D
AutoCAD 360