SketchUp Viewer not available on Android PlayStore? 2024

Hi everyone, the SketchUp app is not in the PlayStore anymore, what happen?

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I understand that it is in dire need of an update and it won’t work with current versions of the Android OS:

I don’t understand. I just paid a annual subscription and trimble site mention this app in their features comparison.

Yes, they should remove it.

Btw, the viewers are free.

Any sketchup subscription includes sketchup for iPad, the sketchup modeler doesn’t run on android devices as a native app, probably from the browser. Sketchup viewer is compatible with previous android versions, as it was mentioned, the viewer app is free.

yes, i saw it was free. but it’s a feature of the sketchup suite anyway.

and here is a screenshot of their site that advertise an app that seems to not exist:

It exists, but it’s not compatible with the latest android version. There must be a reason why developers focus more on iPadOS and iOS, probably the performance and optimization. Anyways, this is a users forum, we don’t really know anything about Trimble’s development, you should contact support if you want an official answer, in case they give you any, Trimble’s secrecy policy is very strict.