SketchUp Viewer for Android is not available for my phone (Samsung A50 with Android 11)

Hi, I have a Samsung A50 smartphone with Android 11 and I would like to install the SketchUp Viewer app.

When I search for the app in the Google Play Store I get the following message: this app is not available for your device because it was created for a previous Android version.

What is the real problem? How can I install SketchUp Viewer on my phone?


Having the same problem. My client on Android cannot download SketchUp Viewer. He gets this message: “This app isn’t available for your device because it was made for an older version of Android.”

I am having the same issue. Has anyone figured out what’s happening here? The app works great on my phone - exact same model as the one I’m trying to actively download the app on, but I’ve had the app for years. What gives?

ensure that Chrome is not disabled and configured as system browser, than try again.

Still having the same issue on my samsung A54 and tab S9. It’s weird that i found my friend whos bought newer tab S9 FE and able to download sketchup viewer, i still can’t figure out what’s the problem because my friends tab S9 FE has the same version of OS as mine

This is because:

“Starting from 1 Nov 2022, apps that don’t target an API level within two years of the latest Android release (API 29 and below) won’t be available to new users with devices running Android versions newer than your app’s target API level. This means that new users won’t be able to discover or install your app on Google Play”

It looks like the last update Jun 30, 2021.

C’mon Trimble, do better! If you’re going to advertise a product on your site, please make sure it works and is up to date.

If you absolutely need to get this to work, there is an apk you can download here:
You will need to open with Package Installer and allow Chrome to install. I take no responsibility for what this may or may not do to your phone, but I got it to work on my Samsung Note20. GL

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I send files to clients and they should be able to open them on Android-based devices. This has been going on for several months already. Why hasn’t this been fixed?

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I don’t know the state of the Android viewer app, but wonder whether the improvements in sharing models would let your clients view your models in a browser?

Try this link on your older Android device, and see if my train shows up:

I am trying on an old Android phone as well, and it is taking the page a long time to load!

I went back to my old Android phone some time later, and sure enough I could view my train in Chrome.

Later I realized that people only use phones to run the viewer apps. The share link I gave works in desktop computers. Your clients could view your model without having to install a mobile app.