Sketchup viewer, no eligible devices for download

Nobody seems to be getting any help on this but ill try anyway. Same problem, can not download viewer app on my android phone. Samsung galaxy S22 ultra. Im reading that the app has not been updated to work on newer devices? If anyone knows something about this please advise.

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Could you read my post here:

Would viewing models in Chrome be an ok work around for Android devices that don’t support the latest SketchUp viewer app?

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I realized that earlier this year and wondered why. Glad you brought it up :+1:

I dont have an old phone, not sure why my old devices show up on google like that. only devices i have are my galaxy s22 and the watch.

one of the reasons i bought a subscription was the android viewer, i was using freemium version for years. i dont use sketchup in a business, this is just a hobby, but it would be nice to be able to show people what im doing with my phone, especially since i paid for it.

in sketchup for web, i open my trimble acct, then under “manage account”, then “my products”, then SketchUp Mobile Viewer Android (AR/VR), there is a link to “manage devices”. in there the only option is to deauthorize all devices …

" Are you sure you want to reset all of your authorized devices for SketchUp Mobile Viewer Android (AR/VR)?

[ Deauthorize All ]

there are no devices to de-authorize,

how does a device become “authorized” in the first place?

I will try opening models in a browser, thanks!

For no particular reason I tried to download the android app again and it works now. However it wants me to pay a subscription fee for AR feature that is supposed to be included in my membership account.

The old app that was on Android did involve a $10 payment to Google, and the old app on iOS had a $10 payment to Apple, to give you 12 months of AR use. The iOS app is completely replaced with the new app, and does know that you have a subscription. Even if you don’t have a subscription the AR feature is free.

I don’t know what the plans are for the Android app. I will ask the mobile team if AR is intended to be free now.

One other thing, if our Android phone has AR capabilities you could upload your model to 3D Warehouse, and view it in AR using Chrome.