Outliner function or similar?

HI everyone really appreciate some advise please.
Really keen to start modelling up various woodworking projects and currently trialling SketchUp for iPad which is great btw.
I’m trying to work out if there is a way to view my models in Outliner or similar function?. I can t see the option or anyway of overviewing the model breakdown so not sure if this feature is included on the iPad software or only on desktop versions ?

Would prefer not to have to purchase a new mac book if i can help it but do want to heavily throw myself at SketchUp modelling and associated sheet material cutting lists for my woodworking projects.
thanks in advance

I haven’t seen Outliner on iPad yet, though, I suspect they probably will add that sometime. As I understand it, SketchUp Go Subscription includes the paid web version which does include Outliner (while the free version does not). Having to switch between them isn’t ideal, but my situation is to have SU iPad as part of a suite of tools that include Pro, so I don’t expect it to do everything.

@Gazbo Thanks for your feedback! I can confirm that the Outliner has not yet made its way to SketchUp for iPad, but it’s certainly on the list!

In addition to Outliner, we’re taking notes about what else to prioritize as we continue to improve and enhance the SketchUp for iPad experience, so please keep the feedback coming!

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I humbly second that request for Outliner. It’s an integral part of my design flow on the PC which means I can’t work on designs fluidly between PC and iPad.

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I third this :smiley:

fourth… it is not realy usable on ipad without the outliner.

I haven’t an iPad, I use SketchUp on the PC, and I actually haven’t opened the outliner for a long time. It is probably a workflow question, and most “old timers” seldom used it because before recent changes it used to be slow.

Yup, and I bet that in Sketchup for iPad it will take a lot of screen space, which, even in iPad Pro, is very limited.

Youre probably right, Im pretty new to sketchup :slight_smile: I use it a lot though for several projects currently and it works quite well on my macbook, where I use it as PWA in Chrome (in Firefox its very slow, e.g.). I upgraded to the go subscription, because an architectural model of mine got quite messy, recently. being able to use the outliner helped me out a lot to organize my stuff again. couple days ago I tried the app on my ipad pro, which I really liked at first, workflow wise. but without the outliner its pretty hard to show and hide as well as organize stuff, which is kind of important for performance during modeling… but never mind, everybodys workflow is probably different :slight_smile: I just liked the Ios app a lot - in principle - and got a bit disappointed…

For what it’s worth. +1 million votes for the Outliner :smiley:

The outlined is a great way to get to know how to have your model organized in groups and components, but after a while, you get on without it.

If you are using components and groups already, you can use tags and scenes to control their visibility too.

Yes, you can get used to not having the outliner, but it’s a bit like cleaning your house in the dark. It requires a lot of memorizing what’s there, vs. just being able to see it.
Along with this request, I’d like to add that all SketchUp versions should add the ability to add groups prior to drawing geometry, rather than having to draw it, select it, then create the group. For all of us that started with traditional 3D, and have become OCD about organization, this would allow us the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are drawing into the layer you want to be drawing into…

I have been using Sketchup and Outliner on my iPad for a while, in the web browser. Space is not a problem on the iPad Pro, and the M1 chip gives superior performance.

However the desaster happens several times I try to save the work, it tells me the save failed, and even though all my work is there in the browser, I can not save it. The only way to move forward is to refresh the browser and all the work is lost.

This is why I was very happy to see the iPad version of Sketchup, because it can save locally to the iPad, and hopefully no more work will be lost.

Having the outliner function would be great to quickly be able to hide and show lairs when demonstrating different variations or aspects of a model.

Clearly outliner is a superuseful function, that is why it has been made available as a paid feature even in the Web browser version of Sketchup.

I’m really looking forward to have this feature in the iPad App, and so wil probably many others :slight_smile:

OK everyone… some good news here.
With today’s launch of SketchUp for iPad v6.1, we’ve included the Outliner panel!
It’s our first pass at Outliner, and there’s still a lot more that we plan to continue working on, but we felt like the progress was substantive enough that we wanted to get it into your hands sooner than later so that we could gather your feedback about the direction it’s heading in.


This is fantastic news Mike.
Lived and breathed SketchUp on my iPad Pro over last month, modelling intricate Cloakroom Reno - carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tiling etc.

Having the ability to retrospectively hone the model from Outliner will definitely help me enhance my skills and knowledge as a user, let alone ease my OCD as a modeller haha.

Thank you for listening and resolving so promptly.

Thanks for the Outliner! Specially I like that “combined component browser” function were you can insert an other instance… :+1:
Some questions:

  • How do I select multiple components in the Outliner?
    Am I the lame one? Or am I not an experienced iOS user enough?
    I tried tap with finger, with a pencil, click with mouse; with or without pressed shift, contorl, option, cmd… With more fingers, two hands… dragging, swiping …whatever. But only one (the currently tap one) were selected.
    Is it possible at all?
    (Actually it is apply to other trays -Tag. Scenes…- as well)
  • Can we cat the thumbnail view (e.g. in a popup window when you are inserting) or will there be a “real” component browser?

Side effect: Now you can replace the “duplicated” 3D Warehouse icon at the main toolbar to “Search” function :wink:

Thanks for the feedback and questions Dez!

As you noted, we don’t yet offer the option to select multiple items within a panel. This is true of Outliner, Scenes, Tags, Materials… but we do have plans to offer multi-select.

We also have some concepts on the board for offering different ‘view’ options for the outliner, similar to what we have available in the Scenes panel – where you’re able to switch between list view and hybrid (with a thumbnail) view using the pinch gesture.


More updates/additions to the Outliner are now available in today’s release of v6.1.2.

Specifically, the Outliner now better supports locked items by presenting a Lock icon alongside locked items, and highlighting them when they’re selected. Tapping/clicking the lock icon will unlock the locked thing.

Outliner now also offers the option to long-press and drag objects in the list to reorganize them (unless of course, the thing is locked… in which case, no can do).

Still working on the ability to select multiple things… (not only in Outliner but in other panels too).

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