Outliner missing on iPad

How do i turn on outliner on iPad app? There is video on youtube that shows how to use it but it doesn’t show how to add outliner to your function menu. Can someone please help to find it ?

It is in the right hand toolbar at the icon that looks like a two-level outline of boxes.

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Steve is correct. It will be somewhere in your right side menu. I have moved mine up in the list, but yours will be in there somewhere.

Yes i know where it has to be and how it looks like I saw it on video tutorial. I have created this topic because there is no outliner option on my iPad skechup app.

What is the version number of your app? If you got it from the App store it won’t yet be the (still beta) v6.2, which is only available by invitation via Test Flight.

And IIRC the Outliner wasn’t available in the previous 6.1.5 which is the current version on the App store.

Thank you, i have 6.1.5(1909) how do i get this invitation ? I have purchased Sketchup pro but on my ipad says Plan: Sketchup free (upgrade)

@ignasjakutis Thanks for your questions.

The Outliner is available in version 6.1.5.

The screenshot and additional info that you shared indicate that the app believes that you do not have an active paid SketchUp subscription.

It is typically the case, when users find themselves in this situation, that they have simply signed in with the incorrect account. It is important that you sign into SketchUp for iPad with the account that is associated with your subscription. If you need help figuring that out, I would recommend that you go to the Feedback tab of the SketchUp for iPad app’s home screen and send an email to our customer support team who can help sort that out for you.
Note that a SketchUp Pro Classic (i.e. perpetual license) does not entitle you to access SketchUp for iPad. If you have a SketchUp Pro Classic license, you will need to purchase at least a SketchUp Go subscription to access SketchUp for iPad.