Components and dimension lines

I can’t seem to find how to display a list of the components on a drawing. I would like to be able to delete one or two or change the names. Also I would like to be able to delete all of my dimension lines on my drawing at once rather than one-by-one. I am using the latest Sketchup for iPad version on my 2nd Generation iPad Pro. Steep learning curve. Thanks for the help.

Check the outliner, it’s a good idea to start working with the outliner from the beginning, otherwise you will have a lot of groups or components with generic names like group 1, group 2, groups 3… You better spend some time renaming before continuing with the modeling, by the way everything that is part of the model viewport, even the hidden elements should be shown on the outliner.

I don’t know SketchUp for iPad enough but, on laptops, there is a Menu Item that allows the generation of a report.

This report allows you to get a complete listing of all the groups and components in your model and you can customise it as you see fit.

It is in File Menu → Generate Report.

On my Mac, it produces a csv (Comma Space Value) file that can be opened in a spreadsheet like Numbers or Microsoft Excel and even a word processor like Pages or Microsoft Word, just to name those four programs.

I don’t think this feature exist on the sketchup for iPad, but still even if there was, he needs to know where are those elements in the model, either to edit them or delete them, the same with the dimensions, everything should be on the outliner tray. The reports are useful to generate lists of the elements you already know you have, and create a csv with the different attributes export it to excel for example and work on the documentation of a project, or share it with Trimble connect with a group of people involved with the project, it’s actually a powerful tool for BIM workflow with sketchup,

Ok, that was good advice. I should have started with the fact that I’m a 70-year-old newbie. I am watching the SquareOne video on Outliner right now, then I’m going back for a refresher on components and groups.

I am working on an iPad with no file menu. I’ll have to look at the on-line version and see if the file menu shows up there. Thanks.

No worries it’s never too late to learn anything, and our best teachers are our mistakes.

There’s no file menu on iPad, the generate report I think is just a desktop feature.

On the desktop version, the Outliner allows you to see the structure of your model.

If you right click on a component or group in the Outliner list, you will find a choice labeled “Zoom on selection”. This brings the chosen group or component in full view.

Then, zooming out allows you to see where this group or component is located in the model.

I don’t know if the iPad version allows all that. Unfortunately, my wife’s iPad is too old to run SketchUp.

On the desktop version, I can select all dimensions in the model using Model Info → Dimensions → Select all dimensions. Then I close the Model Info dialog and, since all the dimensions are still selected, I press the Delete key to get rid of them in one shot.

The iPad version doesn’t have that option.

If you select the tape measure tool, you’ll notice a secondary menu pop up: The top option has a little trash can, tap that and all guides will disappear. Hope that helps.

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