Since the first betas we have been able to make groups and components……my question is……where do we find our components in the model we are working on? I think there was a fly out in the betas where we would see them, but I don’t see it any longer.

If I want to use more of the same component it is usually very easy.

What can you tell me?

I think ur talking bout components tray.

  1. Go to window/default tray and enable components
  2. On components tray, make sure you select “in model” on that small arrow:
    Components tray

thats it. you can also manage groups and components hierarchy on outliner tray.

@Taxsola great answer, for desktop :wink:

@drchitecturedsign the capabilities that @Taxsola has referenced here are things that are on the roadmap (i.e. not yet available) in the newly released SketchUp for iPad app (nothing offered during prior betas either). For now, step 1: find an instance of the component, somewhere in the model space. Step 2 move a copy of it, or use the copy/paste options in the Conext Menu toolbar. There’s no workaround, yet, for copying instances of components that are not visible in the modeling window, but that might otherwise be available in the In Model library shown above.

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@MikeTadros So do I understand that we cannot open a component dialog box? We need to open a model that has components in it? I do not see any way to place a component in a blank drawing.

There is no component dialog, but as far as placing a component into a blank drawing, that is possible if the component is a SKP in the Files app. You can drag and drop it into place:


Colin’s drag-n-drop approach above is one option – and perhaps the best option if you’re looking to store component libraries locally on your iPad.

Other options include:

  • Use the Import icon in the Main toolbar (top left corner) which offers the option to import a SketchUp file via Trimble Connect, or the Files app (and note that you can access a wide array of other 3rd party cloud services, e.g. Dropbox, Gdrive, iCloud, etc via the Files app).
  • Import components (and/or materials) from 3D Warehouse. You can upload components to 3DW, store them privately (or share them publicly), and organize them using folders.

I am creating a large number of compenets (kitchen doors) on sketchup for ipad and not sure how I upload them to 3DW for future use. I am new to sketchup
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

@clive apologies for not having taken the time to reply sooner.
Here’s a similar thread that popped up recently, with some info about the current workflow for uploading models to 3DW on iPad.