Component tab in Sketchup Go for IPad

Hello All,
I am having an issue finding the tab for Components on my IPad. I was trying to set up a folder on my IPad to store my often used components so they are available in future projects.
I have watched some videos and have a general idea of how to go about doing it but I can’t seem to find the component tab/drop down.
any help would be appreciated.

There isn’t a component tab yet. Not really. It’s the outliner tab right now only, which has some component functions for components that already exist in model. I believe that the intention is to make the iPad outliner tab function as both eventually.

In the meantime you can either store your components in the 3Dwarehouse (where everyone can use them), via Trimble Connect, or in SketchUp model files right in your iPad.

Thank you, I’ll check it out.
appreciate the response
Be Well

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I don’t see an option to save this component to a folder on my IPad??

You would save it as it’s own model. There isn’t a folder for components at the moment.

Quick follow-up on this thread to make mention of the recent capabilities that were introduced in SketchUp for iPad v6.2 that have expanded the options that are available in the Outliner’s overflow list to include the options to Save and Reload components to and from 3D Warehouse, Trimble Connect, and the Files app.

There’s a bit more info available in the release notes for 6.2.