Saving objects on iPad

Hi there,
I just started working with SketchUp on the iPad version. I mainly do designs on site with my clients though don’t have internet. Was wondering if possible to download packs of objects as in bathroom materials, tubs, toilets, or kitchen materials as cabinets, fridges and etc and have them stored on the iPad for use without internet?


iPad doesn’t have the Components palette where you can open a local collection and just drag stuff in (I wish), but it’s still possible in a way, especially if you use Pro to create the collection of component files and then transfer them to the iPad, and perhaps collect them in a folder there. You can use the insert button to insert one SketchUp file into another. It comes in as a component.

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Is there perhaps someone that has a component file that includes components for bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling and perhaps landscape?

I have what I call ‘storage models’. A file saved right on the iPad full of showers, toilets, and vanities. I have another just with my cupboard creations, and even a third with basic components I have needed a few times over. Now, mine are my own models organized into a file, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do it with models you had downloaded from the warehouse.

I save the model I’m in, hop into another, and then copy what I want, hop back into the first model and drop them off in the boneyard. Then I alter and place them as needed.

You can easily create your own from warehouse models right on your iPad. It would be much more custom to your needs than anyone could give you. :slight_smile: