What happens to 3D Warehouse downloads?

Where do 3d warehouse downloads go? I thought in the past I’ve seen items I previously downloaded accessible somewhere for reuse but I just downloaded some doors and moved them around a bit and destroyed them. I wanted to find and reapply a door but it was nowhere to be found.

The components you download into your current model will still be in the Components tray, even if you delete it from the scene. If you purge unused components it would be removed.

You can also choose not to download the object into the current model. When you choose ‘No’ when asked if you want to download into the current model, you’re given a file save dialog, and you can save the object as its own SKP file, and then import it into different models.

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In the ipad version look for things in the outliner under Unused Items, unless you have purged they should still be there.

Thank you for noticing this was in the iPad section! I was distracted by him being on the Pro plan.