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Hello, Quick question, with Dave’s help I was able to place my components and groups that I have made into a folder on my IPad Air that I can draw from for other projects.
Now that I have that folder made up I have noticed that when I log into Sketchup Go all the items in that folder are now displaying on the Home page along with my projects. This is creating a long list to scroll through to get to my projects.
Is there a way to place these in a folder on the home page or delete them from the home page and still have them available in the folder on my IPad Air for import.
IPad Air Gen 4 Sketchup GO for web.

As I recall I suggested making folders for categories of components. You can make folders inside of your component folder so you don’t have to scroll through the entire list of your components. For example in my Components folder I have folders for categories of cabinet hardware. Here is my Hinges folder.

As of right now the file sorting is limited, but you do have options.

On the Home Screen use either button in the top right corner to choose from the available options. I personally like to see the images rather than the list, and I also prefer “sort by modified date” because if I just pop into a model and copy something, it doesn’t count as modified and won’t move it to the top of the list. Over time your current models will filter above the lower ones, just go and open and save anything you want at the top quickly.

HI All, Attached are 2 photos of what I am experiencing. This is on my IPad Air. The components and groups are saved in a folder on my IPad which makes it easy to import from but since I’ve done that the components and groups are now being listed on the “Home screen”. They don’t list on the Trimble connect screen which is ok.
I did make a new folder on the Trimble screen but couldn’t figure out how to get the components and groups into it, maybe not the worst thing.
Thanks again for your help
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You’re not doing anything wrong. :slight_smile:

The Trimble connect screen is only for files that are stored online in your Trimble account (which is a good place to save files because there you can get them from all your devices). If you save and access your files from this location exclusively, then you shouldn’t see the local files in the list.

The Home Screen shows all files, both local and Trimble. Right now, there isn’t a great way to organize the Home Screen, but you can mitigate unused files at the top by using the “sort by” feature in the upper right corner. Over time, as you use and save your files, the ones you aren’t opening over and over will filter their way to the bottom.

You can access that folder online and add your components there if that is how you would like to organize your files, but you will only be able to access and save your Trimble files with an internet connection.

Because I live in a very remote place (the post office is only open on Tuesdays) there is very little internet out in the wild. My preferred setting for the Home Screen sorting is “‘sort by modified date” so that I can open my local component collections (models mass saved in local files) and they won’t jump to the top of the list unless I save them.

Thanks Dani, Nice review; makes sense. Thanks for taking the time :+1:
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