How do you Access Your Desktop Collections from Ipad?

I have recently installed SketchUp on my Ipad Pro. Really cool to be able to have this in the field… I have collections of Components that I use on my Desktop but I can not figure out how to get those files on my Ipad. The collections are saved in my One Drive account, I did that thinking I could access the files from my Ipad. When I go to collections its shows they are no collections… Help!

You can save your desk files to Trimble. I think you can access Trimble from your Ipad and then save them on your ipad.

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I’ll offer too, that you can upload your component collections to 3D Warehouse, privately or publicly, and then access them from SketchUp for Desktop, SketchUp for iPad, or SketchUp for Web.

iPad doesn’t really have that feature that Desktop does with the Component palette and “Open Local Collection.” You can import a SketchUp file and saved component is a SketchUp file.

I keep some basic ones in my 3D Warehouse, but mostly I have a few models saved on my iPad that are nothing more than collections of my personal components. I find it just as easy to drop into those models and copy paste back into the model I’m working on. Forces a safe as well :wink:

This happpens to be a relevant topic for me as I have been trying to figure out how to transfer components as well as groups of objects that I have made from one drawing to the next. I would like to build a library of my components that I can utilize from drawing to drawing.
I tried copying and pasting objects/geometry from one drawing to another but it’s been unsuccessful so far and would probably take a considerable amount of time.
I am running on IPad Air Gen4 with SketchUp Go.
Any clue as to how to proceed would be appreciated.:grin:

I believe you can have a folder full of saved components (which are just SketchUp files anyway) locally on your iPad, and then whenever you need to add one to the file you’re working on, use the “Import” button, navigate to that folder, find the file and import it. It inserts at the origin, and then you have to move it into place. Not quite as convenient as drag and drop from a local collection in the Components palette on desktop, but close to the same workflow.

Robert, Thanks for the reply.
So in short; I make a file on IPad then highlight a component/Group in my project and export it to this folder where I can import these components/ groups as needed on future projects.
Did I get that right :grin:
Thanks again
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If you have access to the web, upload your components from your desktop machine to your Trimble Connect storage using Trimble Connect Sync. You can create the same sort of folder structure for organizing your components that you use on your desktop. Then you should be able to import those components into SketchUp for iPad from Trimble Connect.

Dave, Thanks
I’ll give it a whirl when I get some free time.
Thanks again for the support
Be Well

Dave HI, I wasn’t able to work this out on my Mac Book Pro. For some reason the option to save wasn’t available. However I was able to figure out how to select components and groups on my IPad and save them to a folder on my IPad.
I have a bit of work to do to transfer everything over but it is promising for sure.
The Trimble thing didn’t work out for the Mac Book. DIdn’t try it on the IPad.
Thanks again for steering me in the right direction.