File access

I need to know how I can access my files from the iPad version on my MacBook Pro version.

I am using Trimble connect to store files I have worked on in the iPad and I need to know how to get to them on other formats.


If they are saved in your Trimble Connect storage you can access them from the Desktop version of SketchUp via File>Trimble Connect. Or you could go into that storage via your internet browser and download the files.

I just use AirDrop from my Mac to my iPad. That means I need to keep track of version control myself, but it has the benefit of working for any file type.

  1. Click on “AirDrop” in a Finder window on the Mac. Your iPad should show up momentarily, where you can just drag & drop files. As long as your user account is the same on both devices it’s easy. Otherwise, search for instructions online to let AirDrop see other users’ devices.

  2. The iPad will pop up a dialog asking you how you want to handle the file. For .skp files you’ll get an option to open in SketchUp. For other files it’s different, but I open most in the “Files” app, which allows me to store them locally, preview them, etc.

Lol: I see that I’ve just explained the opposite direction!

No matter. The “Files” app will show you the local SketchUp folder on your iPad, where you can select files and share them via AirDrop right back to your Mac.

You can always go directly to There you can find all your project directories, models, and anything else you desire to store and visualize in TC.