Sketch-up app iPhone and Mac

Hello there,
I am trying to connect my Sketch-up app iPhone and mac, but I am not successful! I am logged in on Trimble on my iPad and iPhone, but I can’t connect them to my mac! Anyone?
Thank you,
Jean Baptiste

Firstly, I’m confused about which version of SketchUp you have on your Mac. Your profile says SketchUp Free, but you’re posting in the SketchUp Pro part of the forum. If you’re on Free, click on save, then choose Trimble Connect and save it. On your phone, tap the cloud icon, then Trimble Connect and you should find your model there.

I actually don’t know how to get .skp files from Sketchup Pro to the Trimble account apart from via the Free web app. You can import files from your mac’s hard drive to the web app then save them to Trimble connect from there.

I use Dropbox to transfer files between my macs, phone and sometimes to share with clients. It works very well.

If you are using SketchUp Pro, you can upload files to Trimble Connect via File>Trimble Connect>Publish Model. Then you can access it from SketchUp Free in your Internet browser.

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