Transfering Sketchup file from iMac to iPad Pro


I have a Sketchup file on my iMac and would like to copy it to my iPad Pro but do not know which app to download on the iPad as there are several apps in the app store.


SketchUp Mobile Viewed from Trimble SketchUp is the official SketchUp app for iOS.


Once you have the SketchUp Mobile Viewer app installed, you can add models by touching the cloud icon, to get them from 3D Warehouse, Dropbox, or Trimble Connect. To add files from your iMac, follow this guide:


Hi Colin

I have just tried to purchase Sketchup Mobile for my iPad but it does not seem to want to download


Success, just downloaded SketchUp Mobile now I need to transfer my file from iMac to iPad


Many thanks for your help Colin - I have downloaded "SketchUp Mobile Viewer on to my iPad and have also read the link you gave for adding files from my Mac to my iPad, However, there does not seem to be a way to take a file from SketchUp on my Mac and drop it into SketchUp Mobile Viewer.

If you could treat me like a dummy and give me a step by step method of achieving my desired transfer I would be most grateful.



Sorry Colin - I was too hasty as I have now succeeded with copying my file to my iPad


@plee please note that the SketchUp Mobile Viewer is an app for viewing SketchUp files and not a replacement. Because the iPad Pro is still iOS it won’t run SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Make. (I sure wish the iPad Pro were running the full OS like the Surface Pro, I’d have been all over that.)


Thanks Jody

I have done what I wanted to do and that is transfer a file from my Mac to my iPad.
I can now show on my iPad the work that I was doing on my Mac, and that is all I wanted to do.


Glad you figured it out! I’m sure that in iOS 9 the steps are not identical to the walkthrough I gave, but it was enough for me to work it out, so I hoped you’d do ok too.


Awesome, I’m glad you’ve got a solution that works for you. I’m sure the iPad Pro will be an amazing way to show off your work when visiting clients (or friends.)


Do you have plans for an iPad pro version of Sketchup Make? I mean not just the viewer, which works beautifully, but the real thing with full editing capabilities?


You won’t get a reply from Trimble. They have a policy to never discuss future plans or changes before release.