Transferring Sketchup .skp files from Mac to web

I have used the Sketchup app (free version) on my Mac for some years. It now refuses to open. I am happy to transfer to using the web version but cannot find any way to upload my .skp files. I put a lot of work into building the designs on these and it really isn’t practical (or attractive) to recreate them on the web.

Can I transfer them and, if so, how ?


Click the file folder icon at the top right of the window. Click Open. that should take you to your Trimble Connect page. Add a folder for your files if you need to and with the folder open, click on Add Model. Click on Browse over on the right side of the screen. Navigate to the file on your computer and select it. Choose open…

I am curious why your copy of SketchUp Make is failing to launch now. What happens when you try to launch SketchUp Make on your Mac - what exact error or other behavior is seen? What version of Max OS is running on your system?

Your profile tentatively indicates SketchUp Make 2018, but there is no such version. 2017 was the last version of Make.

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Hey Howard,

Here is a short video snippet demonstrating how to upload your SKP files into SketchUp For Web:

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Thanks Dave

I will try that


Hi Tom

Yes my version is 2017 - the 2018 was just a guess because I couldn’t even get far enough to check the version number.

After trying 5 times to open Sketchup and it displaying a message saying it could not open, today it opened normally. I have no idea why this happened but intend to just trust it continues to work until I can transfer my design files to the web version - 2 other forum members have sent me instructions on this.

Thank you for taking an interest.


Howard, it is strange and a bit worrying that launching SketchUp failed a number of times, and then started to work! I wonder if the Hard- or Solid-State Drive in your Mac is experiencing media problems? I’m glad it’s working again, and I hope you have a backup routine in place for peace of mind.

Hi DaveR

Thank you for your response, but I cannot make them work. I don’t know which window you are referring to where there is a file folder taking me to my Trimble Connect page. When I open Trimble Connect directly, I am cannot find a “file folder’ icon and or 'add model’ option. What am I doing wrong ?


The file folder icon is in SketchUp for Web.

Click it and then click Open. It’ll take you to your Trimble Connect screen. The hamburger menu in the very top left corner will do the same.

If you just go to your Trimble Connect page directly, you should be able to add a folder or project into which you can drag and drop files from your computer.

Please correct your profile. It currently indicates you are using a version of SketchUp that never existed which is confusing.

Hi DaveR

Thanks - I have now got my models transferred and corrected my profile