Accessing iPad sketch up files via Sketchup Desktop

Love the new platform and I have been playing all weekend. The puzzle is how do you then access the iPad files through my desktop. They don’t show up in Trimble Connect.

Are you still using SketchUp 2017 Make as indicated in you profile?

Not seeing the files in Trimble Connect suggests you’re signed in under a different email address on your desktop.

As an alternative you can add OneDrive as a sharing destination. See this article:

Once you have done those steps you can go into the Files app on the iPad, and share your SketchUp models to your OneDrive account, then see the files on OneDrive in Windows.

I figured out how to do it after I post this. There’s a place where you can share with tremble connect as individual files. Once that was done I canal open files in the different programs

Rangino, what did you do?