No Longer Have Access from SketchUp to Files in Trimble Connect

As of this morning I can no longer access file I developed in SketchUp for iPad saved in Trimble Connect. Possible isssues?

Most common issue is logging in with the wrong e-mail address. Another for Mac users seems to be setting up their accound with Apple’s Hide my e-mail feature.

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version and operating system.

None of those (?)


Hey Huston - did you just save it on your iPad, or did you “publish to connect”
To publish, hit the 3 dots on your project in the Home menu, and select “Publish to Connect”

Publishing to Connect will make you choose a project in which to save your file.
If you are just saving on iPad, you will not see your file on Connect on another machine.

Kyle –

Good morning.

Things now seem to work on the iPad side…but when trying to load a file from Trimble Connect when in SketchUp PC nothing now happens when I click “Open Model” as I’ve done in the past.




Nothing happens like the box to select a model does not pop up?
Or do you select a model and it does not load?

This actually happened to me yesterday - the box would pop up for a second and close.
I would try closing out of SketchUp and relaunchignt. Also maybe restarting your machine - that worked for me.