Updated......Where did my files go?

I just updated from the beta I was testing for you guys to the AppStore version. My problem is that I had worked on a bunch of designs in the beta during testing, now I cannot find the files I was working on. How do I get them back?

Did you sign out?
It is the same version, btw.
But now it’s probably associated to a ‘private relay -Trimble ID’
So sign out and back in with the correct email.

I was using an unassociated email to my usual sketchup login and password that I use on my computers so I did not have this issue. when I login in now it says its a trial version with that email address. Is it possible for you to activate that email address so I can get the files offloaded to a folder I can access. you can than remove the address from your rolls in 24 hours?

The login affected is drchitecturedsign@comcast.net.

If you have a trial version, you should have access to the iPad app, too.
Maybe go to connect.trimble.com and sign in with the email address that you where using in the app and then download the files.
Please don’t add email addresses in the public forum.

Hi Dana,
If you’re referring to files that you had created and saved locally, please open the Files app, and navigate to On My iPad > SketchUp.
Your SketchUp files should be in that folder.

If you’re referring to files that were saved and uploaded to Connect, those should reappear after you sign back in, provided that you sign back in with the same account.