Lost Files

I was using sketchup free during the trial period and I was working on several models for several weeks. I received an email that my “free” trial was ending even though I was using sketchup free and now when I log in my files are all gone. Please help I’d really like to recover these files…I don’t want to start all over again.

During the free trial, were you using the desktop version of SketchUp, or the browser version?

I was using the browser version and I just bookmarked the link and it would take me to the home screen and I had several versions of the same model and I would just open and go to work.

When I went to the link today it took me to the page and it looked slightly different and all my files are gone.

The home screen shows your recent files, and sometimes when the site is being updated that page gets cleared. Try clicking on Trimble Connect on the left of the page, then go into a project, and see if your models are there.

I tried and they are not there…I tried just about every button frantically looking for the models and nothing…

Can you check for a message from me?

Sure where…

Click on your avatar in the upper right of the page, where there is a green circle telling you that you have a message.

For anyone coming here with a similar issue, this one was because the email address used during the 30 day trial was different to the one being used now. But, something that made it harder to realize what was going on is that gaballo had signed in with Apple ID, and chose the hide email address option. That led to his 30 day trial email being a @privaterelay.appleid.com address. With those, we won’t know his email address, but messages to that email would arrive in his real email address inbox.

Signing in with the @privaterelay.appleid.com address, downloading the files, and uploading to the normal email address account, solved the problem.


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