Others clouds connections

This is very SketchUp for iPad related.

To let you Immediately understand: in AutoCAD on iPad there’s the option to link others cloud providers (Dropbox, Google drive etc.), so that the app can open, modify and save .dwg files stored externally from Autodesk Drive.

This should be implemented in SketchUp for iPad too, Trimble Connect is for collaboration and accessibility with permission first and a cloud storage also.

Other than SketchUp for iPad, this feature should be added to SketchUp for Web too.

On iPad another option is to let the app open/modify/save files from the Files.app (and connected services).
This is already somehow been implemented, but hope to see it work better in the next betas.

One of the “cloud” services I’d like to better integrate with iPad would be Documents app

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Hi Marco, we do not have plans to offer ‘native’ or ‘direct’ in-app integrations with any other file management services other than the Files app and Connect.

I’d welcome & appreciate any further details about the ways in which the app’s integration with the Files app could be improved as that’s where we’ll be focusing our efforts in relation to the subject of 'integrations with other cloud services"

For the Documents App, as long as Sketchup is able to save over the original file location in the Documents App, then it’s great for me.

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Yeah, I have to retract my request that was very SketchUp Web related. Files.app integration and Trimble Connect is all we need.
Very looking forward better sharing options (link sharing) for Connect.
Also I hoped to see Connect in 2022 desktop intro window…

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if you use apple files app you can link it to the documents app and many other storage cloud systems.

I don’t really like files app. I can’t connect it to my desktop (windows) and sync my working files and folders.

I can do that easily with Documents.

yes you can sync it, just download one drive app on your ipad, then add it to your files app and now you can access anything from your desktop.

Ok. Let me check that

Use OneDrive. That’s how I connect between iPad and Windows. Works well for me.

I checked One Drive again and it doesn’t seem to allow a direct sync between files in my computer and iPad without getting them through the cloud.

In that sense it’s the same as Dropbox, Box, Drive, iCloud, and so on.

The problem with these solutions is that they have limited storage space.

Trimble Connect with a Studio subscription allows unlimited storage space and other advantages that are not directly connected to iPad. What it doesn’t allow is instant sync of folders and files like One Drive and other usual cloud solutions.

The Documents solution can both integrate all those cloud solutions, just like the files app, it also integrates the files app, but it allows us to connect directly to the Desktop computer as if our iPad was an external hard drive. This external harddrive syncs via wifi without the need to send files to the cloud. You just have to setup a Windows SMB server and choose any shared folder from your desktop and it’s always on Sync with your iPad.

This is both faster and consistent as well as it allows as much storage as your ipad can handle.

SketchUp Desktop can directly open Trimble Connect stored files, I very hope they’ll put Connect UI in the intro window

First off, I’m very happy SU made it to iPad!! Enjoying exploring it so far. I am able to open my SU files on my iPad from my Dropbox, where I have several decades worth of work. What I need is a way to open my files with either my SU desktop or SU for iPad and the most recent version is there. This is the first software I’ve encountered that I’m not readily seeing a way to update Dropbox. Please let me know how to update my SU Dropbox files from the iPad.

Even though I’m a one man operation myself, not a big office with multiple people working on a project, the iPad app has made me think again about Trimble Connect, but I still don’t truly know how to make the most of it in this regard. That’s why I’m wanting more learning resources like a livestream to 3D Basecamp session.

I think what you need is something that can sync your working desktop folders directly with iPad via wi-fi.

Trimble Connect is great but it’s not instant and requires sending to cloud and retrieving from cloud. It needs you to fire a sync process manually, while you need that to happen automatically and much faster when you’re in a rush to go out and carry your work with you for a meeting.

The feature is definitely Trimble Connect, the issue is that SketchUp desktop doesn’t have a proper and immediate integration with Trimble Connect yet, while SketchUp for iPad has it.

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I don’t think it is. Not until Trimble Connect becomes a lot faster at connecting with desktop and at integrating with other iPad apps, at least, with the Files app.

While Trimble Connect is tightly integrated with SketchUp for iPad it isn’t integrated in anything else. We need to sync not only models but also PDF files, images, textures, fonts, Affinity/Photoshop files, I one go, if we will have a workflow for integration of the iPad and desktop apps.

To do that there’s two ways:

  • Have a permanent cloud service working like Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive… With limited storage where you have to curate and drag and drop your files around to save space, but that tightly works with the iPad file system.
  • Have a wifi syncing app where space isn’t an issue nor it requires being connected to the cloud to sync files and it does that in a second.

Trimble Connect isn’t any of those though it has a lot of nice features.

I’ve uninstalled the TC app because of that.

I think SketchUp has one of the nicest integration with Files.app, very smart and clear.
I understand what you’re saying, we use Dropbox too.

The real issue it’s not SketchUp but Dropbox integration with Files.app: don’t ask me why but sync between the two often fails.

Try to use iCloud Drive or OneDrive with SketchUp (and other apps too), you’ll see they work much better with Files. I’m reporting and requesting a better integration with Files to Dropbox since years now, but they have some reason to not make it happen.

Well, I have box.net, OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox, but use none of those for daily work.

I only use Trimble Connect for daily syncs between us at the office, where each one works on their own computers and then sync at the end of the day, as well as to publish deliverables and models to project stakeholders.

For iPad I use the Documents App to sync files to the iPad and Back to the desktop. As soon as a file is saved on a working folder in the desktop, it becomes available in iPad. As soon as it’s shared to that folder, it pops up on desktop.

This system allows me to keep managing my working folders on windows explorer, without needing to drag files to a cloud folder for syncing.

I wish Trimble Connect would allow LAN and WLAN sync between computers and devices, besides scheduled/manual syncs to the cloud.

I don’t feel the connection to the iPad is efficient if it needs manual micromanagement and Trimble Connect forces us to do that. And even if SketchUp for iPad allows for something more streamlined our work with iPad is not exclusive to SketchUp. It’s about doing stuff with our files that we can’t do with desktop.

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