Syncing devises

I would like to work on a drawing on both my desktop IOS and my iPad. how do i pass the updated drawing back and forth between devises?

You can use Trimble Connect or you can save a skp on your IOS and open it in either ipad or IOS.

Can you give me a brief explanation on Trimble connect?

I always save my files on Trimble Connect. I use “Go.” So when I click on “Save,” it is saved to trimble connect. I frequently download the file to my documents and put the skp in a file as another backup. I hit the hamburger icon, go to download skp, then open up downloads on my computer cut and save it into the file I make. If I had Pro, I could open it either in Go or Pro. You can do something similar using iPad and your IOS.

Great info, but you lost me at Go. What is go. I usually just work on my desktop and save everything there so I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to saving files online. Can you enlighten? So far I like what you are telling me.

Go is just a subscription offering that does not include Desktop - it is iPad and Web only.

Trimble Connect will allow you to publish models from your desktop and open them on your iPad

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