Which program, is there anyway to work on the same file?


Im new

Can anyone please tell me how we can work on the same sketch up file, for example a floor plan

Which program do I need? I have purchased sketch up pro two licences but cannot find a setting.

Ideally we want to both work on the same file but live in different locations, any help will be great, thank you

Two people can’t work in the same file at the same time. You can each save the file to your own computer and work on the copies but you will wind up with two different model files after you’ve made changes.


thanks for the help, any idea which format I should save it in so I can send it to them to work on?

I guess I’d save it using the native .skp file extension. Then they can open it with SketchUp.


take a look at this, it sounds like sketch up go does it ?

Perfect , you way works just fine too. Thank you so much.

You can never operate on the exact same file, however you could certainly break down your project into different areas and see them inside a shared space.

Trimble connect can be setup for that kind of thing - this is included with a subscription