Multiple users work on the same sketchup file at the same time

alright lets say i have my sketchup file open on my pc at home. lets say the sketchup file is saved to my google drive in a shared folder. lets say i’m working on roof rafters in one part of the building. lets say my friend finishes lunch and decides to log back in. lets say they’re working on wall studs in a different area in the same sketchup file saved to the shared google drive folder.

can you have two editors making changes to the same sketchup file simultaneously? or while one editor works, maybe the simultaneous user is flying around inspecting different parts?

like your grill could add textures on their computer while you draw more walls n floors & things on your computer

No. The best case the files will overwrite each other and only the changes from one user will be saved. Worst case and much more likely the file will become unrecoverably corrupted, you’ll get a dialogue saying “this does not appear to be a SketchUp file”, and you will loose all work.

Look into Trimble Connect. Better back ups/versioning. You might be able to see changes to files using the 3D viewer in a way that works for you.

sounds like a lofty goal for a future feature

Eneroth has some plugins for this concept.

Separately, you can do things like work on different components on different computers then simply reload the updated component when the other user/s are done updating those components. This way you can have a master SKP that holds all the different components and others can be working on the individual components themselves elsewhere and you can reload it back into the master file in the end.

The component becomes like a proxy in this way.

You can right click and save components to your machine without saving the entire SKP.

There may be other methods as well. I’ve heard this conversation a few times over the years so info is out there.

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ok thank you

Our workflow:

Start with a Central model

Create Two (or more ) Sub Models, created within the Central model as components. Give each sub-model a static Base (nomally a cross) which we Lock Then save them out as separate SKP files. Each team member can work on the sub models, and save them as needed.

People an also import the Central model into their sub model, as a component, which they should then Lock, as it becomes a reference point only (not to be edited). They can also reference in other sub models this way.

However we discourage people from creating Tags, Scenes or styles with a sub model…that should be done in the Central model, for consistency.

When needed, the Sub models are reloaded into the Central model, by going into the component browser and right-clicking “Reload Component”.

It does take a bit of planning to ensure nobody makes edits to a model that is referenced in.
We tend to use the Central Model to create all layout documentation, because the Tags, Scenes an Components get messy otherwise.

If I were to wish for a workflow, it would be that Tag groupings, Styles, Scenes, and Components would transfer across from model to model more seamlessly.

Here is a link to eneroths tool: